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Friday, July 15, 2011

Double Winged Eyeliner: Training Wheels for the Challenged Wing Artist

This tutorial was actually an accident! I am absolutely awful at drawing winged liner. Well, awful at drawing winged liner that is symmetric on both eyes. Of the many tips I have gotten for drawing symmetrical wings, one is to use the natural shape of your lower lash line as a guide. To me, this seems like the most logical and easiest to do.

Logical? Yes. Easy? Ha. I still managed to booger it up. 

So, I set out to make it as easy as possible by literally drawing a line that extends my lower lash line and drawing a wing relative to that. As it turns out, I got a pretty neat look out of the whole ordeal. I now give you: The Double Wing (or winged liner with training wheels).

To start:
Because the wings are the main event, I kept the rest of the eye simple by putting e.l.f.'s Cream Eyeshadow in Bronzed all over the lid. Then, using my new Small Angled Brush, I used a liquid liner to start tracing just below my lower lash line to get a feel for the natural curve of my eye. Slowly, carefully (this is not a look for a rushed morning, people!) I extended the line to what you see below.
 Then, using the line I just drew for reference, I drew a parallel line from where I wanted my upper wing to end (slightly before my upper and lower lash line meet) up to the end of my reference line. Once I had the structure laid out, I started shaping my upper wing to what you see above (clearly not still parallel). To really distinguish the two lines, I dabbed the tiniest bit of white eyeliner in between each wing.

Maybe if I practice enough, I can take the training wing off and manage to get my wings even...then again I'm kind of digging the double wing look.

What is your tip for drawing winged eyeliner?

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