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Friday, July 8, 2011

Hair Care: Woes of the Thin and Fine Haired

Alright all of you thin and fine haired sista's, it's time to take your hair down from that ponytail, take the baseball cap off, and get that ridiculous fake hair untangled from your soon-to-be-luscious locks because I have some hair secrets for you! I have searched high and low for products that volumize and thicken only to land my hands in a bunch of goopy, sticky, gloppy muck that either weighs my hair down or gives it the texture of an uncooked rice noodle. But, at last, I have found the hair care regimen that works! To learn more, read on...

For me, the kind of shampoo I use in my haircare routine doesn't matter so much because it typically isn't what weighs my hair down. So, I use whatever I can get my hands on. Conditioner, on the other hand, can make or break your hairstyle from the get-go. I recommend that you pick a conditioner that is light and explicitly for thickening, such as Ojon Hydrating Thickening Conditioner ($23).

After showering, I whip out this guy:

Ojon Conditioning Mist

If you are going to shell out the cash for anything in this line, THIS is it. It is so lightweight yet manages to hydrate and condition. Plus, the smell is out of this world! Mist this bad mamma jamma all over your hair and comb out. I should note that this step is optional, especially if you condition in the shower. But, as many of you who weather the cold, dry midwestern winters can tell you: you cannot hydrate your hair enough in the winter. For those of you warm weather readers out there, imagine unwrapping your scarf after a long day of trudging through snow only to find a bird has built his nest at the nape of your neck. Oh, wait. That's your hair.

Anywho, leave in conditioner or not, the next step is to take some bigsexyhair Root Boost, part various sections of your hair, and give it a good spray.

This is a product you don't want to over apply because it can dry a little crunchy.

Next (almost done, I promise!) is to blow dry upside down and dry the roots first. The more hang time your hair has, the more likely it is to hold volume at the root. In fact, if you have the time, hit your roots with the cool setting on your dryer to encourage hold. Once the roots are done, finish drying the rest of your hair and  flip it up. And whip it back and forth. Just kidding...unless you want to. Then whip it real good.

After the whipping, if you have bangs or other pieces that need styling, now would be the time to do that. Finally, the secret to volume and thick texture: Osis Dust It.
My mom introduced me to this product and I have never looked back. part your hair (much like you did when using the root boost spray) and sprinkle the TINIEST bit amongst your roots. This is another product you have to be careful with because too much of it could lead to head of hair that is reluctant to move and has a bizarre texture. While this product can also be used as a kind of dry shampoo, I use it to give texture to my roots thus giving the look of fuller, thicker hair.

One final suggestion would be to curl your hair. Even if it is just the ends, it will give your hair more texture to work with.

It's not quite Texas big....but I'll get there.

Edit: Added volume can be attained by doing all of this (except for the curling) the night before and sleeping on it. The following day, curl and sprinkle Osis Dust it at the roots to add volume and wick up any oil.

What is your haircare routine?

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