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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Milani Lip Flash: Urban Decay Super-Saturated High Gloss Lip Color Dupe?

I completely lucked out with the timing of this purchase. I went out this afternoon and bought 5 of Milani's Lip Flashes to review for you beautiful people (plus, I have been wanting to try them for a while and this blog has been a wonderful way of justifying my beauty buys as of late). Mere moments after I got home, I saw the lovely Christine at temptalia.com put up a review of Urban Decay's latest lip release: Super-Saturated High Gloss Lip Color...look familiar?

Milani Lip Flashes in Lip Flash, Flash Light, Flashy, Star Flash, and Hot Flash
Due to the coincidental timing, this will be a review, swatchfest, and comparison all rolled into one. Keep in mind, I have not had an opportunity to test, wear, or swatch the Urban Decay products so I will compare as much as I can to the way they swatch. You should check Christine's review out for a more in-depth review of the Urban Decay to get a better idea of their characteristics.

To give the post some structure, I will compare the Milani pencils, color by color, to the UD pencils (identifying dupes, comparing swatches, textures, etc.). Then, at the end of the post, I will give a review of the Milani pencils as a stand-alone product.

Bring on the swatches.
Flash Light
Flash light is a glittery, orange leaning red that never quite gets opaque. The swatch below was heavily applied. Outwardly, this looks like it could be a dupe for Punch Drunk, but it definitely doesn't swatch that way. It is far too sheer and shimmery and not nearly as creamy looking. It almost wears like a darkly tinted lip balm.


 On the outside, Flashy could be Adrenaline's twin sister and it may, in fact be a very close dupe. It isn't glossy, has the same glittery finish, and is a berry tone that is very close, if not a little more pink, than Adrenaline. The only difference I see is that it wears slightly more opaque on the lips.

Hot Flash

  I wanted, so badly, for Hot Flash to be a dupe for F-Bomb.Unfortunately, it appears to have a metallic finish and is far less glossy and creamy. It's not awful by any means! Just not a dupe for F-Bomb. Le sigh.
Lip Flash

 There don't appear to be any brown-tones pencils in the UD lot so this is unique to Milani! It is a sheer, light brown (with almost purple under-tones) with golden shimmer when swatched to the arm. But, over the darker skin of the lips, it appears more opaque. It has more of a lip-balmy finish rather than a glossy one.

Star Flash

 Again, star flash seems to be unique to Milani (as in no UD dupes). It is a very sheer, light pink with hot pink/purple glitter. Balmy, but not glossy, finish.

Alright, now for the review!

First of all, if you are not into glitter or a metallic finish in your lip color, THESE ARE NOT FOR YOU. Each color had great lasting power. But when blotted (or even rubbed) off, the qualities that lasted (with the exception of star flash because it is so light and sheer) were a hint of pigment (about the intensity of a lip stain) and LOTS of glitter. They are fun and funky, but if you are looking for more of a traditional lip color, don't even think about it.

For those of you who are looking for fun, funk, and glitter (gosh, that sounds like Ke$ha in a lip product), listen up! Considering the amount of glitter all of these (except for hot flash) have in them, they have a pretty smooth texture. No grit here. Also, as I said before, they have lasting power. You can't really depend on them having consistent opacity (as proved in swatching), but as long as you know what you are getting into, you should be satisfied!

All in all, they are a great product if you are looking for something that packs a long lasting, glittery, colorful punch (or a dupe for UD's Adrenaline!) And, at $7.79, it's a pretty good deal!

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