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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Most Unanticipated Illuminator: Wet N' Wild Idol Eyes Cream Shadow Pencil in 130 Pixie

I think we can all appreciate it when a frivolous, cheap buy turns into a beauty asset. And, in the heat of summer when illuminators are flying off the shelves, this, my makeup-loving friends is most definitely an asset.

Wet N' Wild Idol Eyes Cream Shadow in 130 Pixie

I picked this up on a whim a few months ago and didn't realize it's potential until I found it while I was cleaning out my stash the other day.

This little guy retails for $1.99 at your local drug store or Walmart and is well worth the money. Besides being a great brow bone and inner corner highlighter, its cream base makes it great for a summer illuminator on the cheap. I have applied it both directly with the pencil, and indirectly putting some on my finger and blending it where wanted.

Added bonus: It is great as a winter illuminator as well. For people residing in the great white north, it gets dry in the winter and powder illuminators may get cakey or seem dull. While a liquid or cream based illuminator such as this may not moisturize your skin, it certainly won't look dry.

I leave you with a warning: I didn't know how lucky I was to find this when I did. Every time I'm at a CVS (my main drugstore squeeze), they are ALWAYS out of this color. It looks like someone is on to me.

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