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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Review and Comparison: E.L.F. Makup Remover Wipes and Dollar Store Wipes

To kickstart the E.L.F. haulage, reviewage, and swatchage, I'm going to start simple with the e.l.f. Makeup Remover Cleansing Cloths ($3 at Target and eyeslipsface.com).I made my love of makeup wipes known in an earlier post where I review and rave about a dollar store find. Well, kids, these wipes kick those wipes' tush. 

To start with some math, these end up being about $.43 a wipe, while the others are $.03. Is the price difference worth it? Oh yes, and then some. 

7 by 7 in. cloth
First, the packaging of the e.l.f. wipes beat the dollar store brand by a land slide because of the nifty little resealable flap AND plastic cover. I had a problem with my other wipes getting dry (not too much, but I could tell that over time it would be a problem). I think these will stay moist for quite a while.

Speaking of moisture, the formula on these wipes is soooo nice. It feels much less harsh and far more moisturizing than theircheaper counterpart.

Finally, they must pass the test that any good wipe would. Does it actually remove your makeup? See for yourself.
Shadow over primer and waterproof eye pencils...can the wipe perform?

One swipe and the shadows are almost gone.

A few more (read 6-7) and they swatches are nearly obliterated
Swatch removal test? Passed. One final advantage I noticed these have is that you get more wear per wipe. There is so much remover and so much wipe, that I can't see needing more than one of these for even the heaviest makeup. Final Recommendation: GET IT.

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