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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Review and Swatchfest: CARGO Swimmables Waterproof Pencil Collection

And the quest for a liner that will stay on my waterline continues. While seeing what brightly colored,  waterproof eyeliner goodness my local Sephora offered, I stumbled across this bad mamma jamma.
CARGO Swimmables

 Oh Em Gee y'all these are outrageous. They are super creamy and lay down color like woah. Here, see for yourself.

Vibrant true blue

Warm tones gold


A vibrant teal that is a cross between true blue and forest green.
From the top: Gold, purple, blue, teal.
The swatches above doesn't do them justice. I think the picture below, where I wear the bright blue in a look really shows of just how vibrant the colors are. The loser of the group would have to be the purple because it doesn't have nearly the color payoff I would like; it literally pales in comparison to the others.
Look using the blue liner on the waterline.

As you may remember, the last batch of eyeliners I tried on my waterline were not a success. But these absolutely do the trick. I applied them at around 7:30 in the morning and they didn't move before 3 pm. And, more importantly, they didn't move into my eye! The problem: There are only 4 colors! I want more!

More sadness: I think they are not only a limited edition summer collection kind of thing because they are SOLD OUT in many places! ULTA doesn't have them and Sephora doesn't acknowledge that they even sell CARGO on their site. Heck, no one is even selling them for outrageously marked up prices on Amazon.com! My palms are sweating just thinking about how small they are and how fast I will go through them at the rate I have been using them. I feel like I lost my puppy.

If you see these puppies:

Please let me know. Their momma already misses them.

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