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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Review and Swatchfest: E.L.F. Beauty Book - The Brights

I was so excited to get my hands on the e.l.f. Beauty Book: Bright Eye Edition ($4.99)! I haven't had any e.l.f essentials eyeshadows and this book looked like it had the perfect blend of brights and neutrals to be really pretty and useful! Although the shadows can lean to the powdery side, I don't have many other gripes...

Pay attention to the way the colors look on the book...

A nice insert for the makeup newbie (and vets too!)

...not what's on the cover.

First, an overall problem I have with the e.l.f. brand is that the pictures they have online is typically not at all the actual shade or consistency which makes things like picking a foundation shade or eyeshadow tricky. You look like you are doing pretty well for yourself e.l.f. pop for some nice pics!

Speaking of nice pics...

Top Row: 

Far right: A matte, deep blue with purple undertones...kind of chalky

Second to right: A bright, iridescent purple with chunks of blue glitter (sparse) and close dupe for Kat Vond D's "babe"
Second to left: A shimmery lilac

Far left: highlight with purple undertones
 Second Row:

Far right: dark brown with large gold glitter

Second to right: A shimmery gold that comes close to Urban Decay's Half Baked

A shimmery pink champagne color

Far right: Highlight with warm undertones

 Third Row:

Far right: a dark brown with large gold glitter

Second to right: A nice, shimmery mossy green

Second to left: Shimmery aqua

Far left: a nice, cool toned highlight (to match the row)
Overall: E.L.F. does not do mattes well; the loser in the bunch for me was the dark, matte blue-purple in the First Row. The price is also reflected in the somewhat chalky consistency of some of the shadows. One thing e.l.f. DOES know how to do on the cheap is their highlighters. ALL of them in this palette were winners. The color payoff is actually good too. Wonderful considering it is a "bright" palette! Here is a look I did today with the top row to show you how pigmented they are:

Despite not being the silkiest shadows you will touch, I didn't have to work hard to get this look, and they work just as well as a high end version and I would say it is worth your money for, essentially, three palettes in one. They also have good staying power. When applied over a primer, they stayed on until I took them off 8 hours later! Do I recommend it? If you are looking for a cheap palette with a lot of good shadows (for the price), then definitely! After all, there are some dupes I could immediately pick out. I'm sure there are more I'm not catching!

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