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Monday, July 18, 2011

Review and Swatchfest: Maybelline Expert Eyes Expert Eyes 8 Color Palette "The Brightside"

I almost didn’t do this review because I haven’t seen it on store shelves since I bought it at the beginning of summer. But, I recently saw it still in stock at Walgreens, so I thought I would share my thoughts on it since I was surprised, and disappointed, by its performance.  Just tryin’ to help a girl out.

As I have mentioned in previous posts, I am all about hopping on the brightly colored band wagon this summer. So, when I saw this palette on display, I figured it would help kickstart my loud and obnoxious summer looks. This was not to be so.
Before those of you who are tuning out already, thinking I am going to put it in the “absolutely do not buy category”, slow your roll and listen up. The quality of the product is fine. The powder isn’t chalky, it applies nice and evenly, and it’s fairly priced considering you get 8 colors. HOWEVER, as far as pigmentation goes, don’t expect greatness. I have tried everything under the sun to get these to perform the way I wanted them to (foiling with water, foiling with MAC Fix +, PACKING the color on, wearing a tacky primer, etc.). After all, who doesn’t need a bold coral with gold shimmer undertone or a pearly lime green to wash over the eyelid?
Enough review, more swatches

Starting with the top row:
Color 1 is a shimmery baby blue that, as evidenced by the picture, has pretty good color payoff. Color 2 is not the leafy, green it appears to be in the pan. Rather, it a lighter, shimmery version of itself. Color 3 is a matte, warm peach color. Color 4 is a disappointingly sheer shimmery lime green.
On the bottom row:
Color 5 is the chalkiest of the bunch and dupe for MAC’s Nylon. Color 6 is the gold-laced peach I sooo wanted to work. It was swatched pretty heavily in the picture Color 7 is a sheer, matte, true yellow. Color 8 is a sheer, matte baby blue.
Final Recommendations: The name of this palette is a misnomer; there is nothing bright about it. If you are looking for bold, steer clear. If you want to rock a (way) toned down version of summer brights, this is for you.

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