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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Review and Swatchfest: Profusion Bronzing Kit (and $5 face in a box!)

This one goes out my mama and her eagle eyes that spotted this at Ross. She may not approve of her daughter's obsession with cosmetics (that is, if she knew how truly out of hand it was) or understand it, but gosh darn it she's got my back when it comes to beauty bargain shopping.

The Profusion Bronzing Kit ($4.99) can be purchased at Ross. However, due to the nature of stores like Ross (or Marshalls or TJMaxx) I can't guarantee you will find this at your Ross. And, clicking on the product name will take you to the website, but I haven't seen a bronze kit that contains everything that was in mine. Likewise, there are some kits available that have more than mine did. Bottom line: do with this post what you will. Time for some pics.

Nameless blush - nice deep berry color with a small shimmer

Light blush swatch on the left, heavy on the right
Bronzing Cream - NARS dupe? We will see

This comes out way more pink than it looks in the bottle.
These are called "eye shimmers" and appropriately so...
...because they are very sheer and shimmery.
Nameless lipgloss - almost the same color as the blush and metallic.

Lip liner that is a chocolate berry color.

Lipgloss on the right and liner on the left
The blush is not the softest thing you will touch. But for what is, essentially, a $1 product, what can you expect? The color is what is really great. I tried to find a dupe in my stash for it and the closest I came was Berry Merry by E.L.F. and that was too berry and not enough brown. 
The bronzing cream looks an awful lot like NARS Illuminator in Laguna, but it swatches much to berry-pink to be a true dupe. This has a nice consistency and I would recommend applying with a stippling brush because it can be very unruly with bare fingers.

The eye shimmers are very sheer and almost indistinguishable from one another. Again, for $1 it is what it is. 

The liner and gloss are great both individually and together. I wouldn't say the liner is creamy, but it certainly isn't drying and the gloss is has a nice subtle metallic sheen to it. I could do without the container the loss comes in as I much prefer something I don't have to put my fingers in to apply. It is more sanitary and extends the life of your product!

So, I have this look in a box. How about a look?

 Simple and summery. As a tip for those of you who do have this kit, or something like it: use the blush as a crease color. I wasn't getting anything but 80's frosty eyes, so I used the blush to add depth. The color is just brown enough to make look bronzed and not sick. 

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