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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Review and Swatchfest: Sephora Jumbo Liner 12HR Wear Waterproof

The jumbo liner strikes again! This time with a force far greater than the last.
Again, I am trying at all costs but the monetary kind, to find a good jumbo pencil and liner that will stick to my lid and waterline. Ladies and gents, it has arrived. What’s more, is that it came at a cost far less than the $20 I thought I would have to shell out for the Urban Decay Equivalent. In fact, the Sephora Pencils are $10, so I could have TWO for the price of 1 Urban Decay Pencil Liner. Let me hit you with some swatchy goodness before I say more.
Sephora_Jumbo Pencil_Beige
Beige – Shimmery champagne similar to Urban Decay’s Sin
Sephora_Jumbo Pencil_BeigecloseSephora_Jumbo Pencil_Beigeswatch

Sephora_Jumbo Pencil_black
Black – Matte black
Sephora_Jumbo Pencil_blackswatch

Sephora_Jumbo Pencil_blackcloseSephora_Jumbo Pencil_blue
Turquoise – Bright, shimmery blue similar to Urban Decay’s clash without the silver glitter

Sephora_Jumbo Pencil_blueswatch
Sephora_Jumbo Pencil_bluecloseI have nothing bad to say about these pencils besides the fact that I wished I hadn’t picked up more when I got them. The most important features, for me, are the vibrancy of the colors and the staying power. They fulfill every need I have in both categories. They function well as primers, liners, standalone color, or base color for a look. To put them to the most rigorous test a dry-eyed girl can, I wore turquoise on my waterline. It lasted ALL DAY. No joke. Want proof?
No, your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you. This was what it looked like after 12 Hours of wear. The consistency is creamy, they are very pigmented, they are blendable and buildable, and did I mention they last? The real kicker to this whole deal is the complete steal they are (comparatively speaking, of course!) They are $10. For any other brand that has a reputation for providing this caliber of quality and lasting power (i.e. Urban Decay or MUFE), you pay DOUBLE what the Sephora pencils retail for.

Excuse me while I pick my jaw up off the floor and whip my wallet out.

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