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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Review and Swatchfest: Studio Cream Liners

 I have tried E.L.F.'s cream liners before and had mixed feelings. The colors I had were basic black and navy. The black was straightforward and the navy was lack luster and looked an awful lot like the black. I don't have them pictured for you because they have long since dried out (only two months after purchase). Apparently, there was no lesson learned from that long-ago purchase because Oops!...I Did It Again.

Punk Purple - awesome in the packaging!

Teal Tease - A bright aqua with flecks of silver. SO vibrant!
Punk Purple

Teal Tease
 In the swatches above, the top smudge was done with my finger, while the bottom was done with the small, angled applicator brush that came with the liners (I forgot to snap a pic, but they look a lot like the small angled eyeliner brush in the studio line. An applicator I will actually use!)

Despite my previous experiences with these, I had such high hopes. Long story short I don't recommend these. They are very creamy, but it really hinders you from being able to build up much product to get good color payoff. When you try, you get brush strokes and an uneven application. So, unless you are looking to layer up your liner, and wait for each layer to dry, don't mess with these. I have to say that with a few strokes, I was able to make Teal Tease into something that looked nice. Punk Purple, on the other hand, could not be saved. Because things can often swatch much better than they actually perform (and given my history with this product), I decided to really test drive them to see how they wear.

Teal Tease - Not awful, but not great.
 The flash washes Teal Tease out a bit. It was actually a little more vibrant in person.
Punk Purple - Truly awful. That is it.
I think Punk Purple was even duller than this. And that lumpy looking wing is due to me going over the same line trying to build up some decent color.

I don't think I need to say it again, but I will: Don't waste your money on these. Save your $3 and put it toward something high end, or even L'Oreal HIP liners.

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