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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Review: E.L.F. Studio Brushes

This is part one of an E.L.F. (EyesLipsFace) haul. Not huge, but I got a few brushes from their studio line because mine are falling apart and fast. First off, for those that aren't familiar with it, E.L.F. is a very affordable brand. Their most expensive brushes from their studio line will cost you no more than $8; all of the brushes I ordered were $3 (with the exception of a $1 concealer brush from the essentials line).

Send in zee pictures!!

This brush is great for outer corner and crease work; I highly recommend it! I used it to blend out and shape the darker color in the look below. The bristles are densely packed, so I would recommend using it to blend, not to pick up product.

Looks kind of like a stinger...

I got this brush for the sake of experimenting with it (it's in the name of science!). I used this to do the liner (E.L.F. essential liquid eyeliner in black) in the look below. Warning:This thing is sharp! After I drew my first line with it I have to double check that it wasn't one piece of plastic rather than multiple bristles. Sure enough, there are bristles, but whoo boy are they stiff! Even after rolling it around on the tip of my finger, they were still reluctant to bend. Not only did this make for an uncomfortable application, but it made it very hard to do my left eye (I'm right handed) and get a fluid looking line. I would pass on this if I were you. I'm sure there are softer angled eyeliner brushes out there that don't have it out for your pupils.

Now this is a brush for lining! the bristles are nice and soft, but will maintain their shape when used with gel or cream. Likelikelike.

This is the $1 concealer brush from the essentials line. Sometimes brushes from this line are very stiff or shed like crazy. This one is neither and I would highly recommend! Great for covering blemishes and cleaning up eye makup (not quite big enough for the under-eye area). In the look below, I used it to clean up the wing on my liner.

Have you tried any E.L.F. brushes? What do you think?

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