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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Review: H20 water-activated eye makeup remover (oil-free)

This product is pretty straight forward, so this will be a quick one. Let's get started with some pic love:
H20 water-activated eye makeup remover (oil-free)
They say: "An oil-free gel that gently foams away eye make-up and mascara without irritation or dryness."

I say: It does a decent job at removing eye makeup. What I wanted in this product was something that efficiently removed my makeup without the oily residue for oil-based product and the harsh sting of oil-free products. Good news is that there is no residue or sting! I feel like there was some skin hydration happening without having to worry about pore clogging oil and there was zero eye or skin burn. Bad news is that it takes a little bit of scrubbing to get all of my eye makeup off and I don't want to be lingering there too long because that is some delicate skin, people! Also, I wouldn't say it "foams" my makeup off. There really is no foaming action going on here.

Is this a must have? Definitely not. Is it the lesser of oily or stingy evils? You betcha. And, at $4.99 a bottle at Marshalls (normally $8 elsewhere), I feel like this was a relatively guilt free lesson to learn.

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