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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Dupe alert! MAC's MAC Me Over Fluidline in Avenue

I am an avid reader of Temptalia (for those of you who haven't subscribed to blog ever-growing database of every beauty product under the sun, Do. It. Now.), so I am always drooling over whatever Christine is swatching. Today, it happened to be the new MAC Me Over Collection (by MAC, clearly). Normally, I have a quick droolfest, acknowledge that the chances of me owning one, if any, of the new items are slim, and move on with my day. Today, things were different.

MAC Avenue Fluidline from the upcoming MAC Me Over Collection

Click the image to go to the post on Temptalia where she reviews and swatches all of the upcoming fluidlines in the MAC Me Over Collection.

When I saw this, I immediately thought, "Wait a tick, THAT looks an awful lot like THIS!"

Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Black Gel Creamliner in the Glam Brown Eyes Trip

That's a mouthful. This is one of three gel liners you get in the Shimmer Strips Trio. Click on the picture to get up close and personal with it. You can see that there are golden sparkles sprinkled throughout the gel. You can really see them in the swatch of the gel I have below (far left).

The main differences I can see are that the sparkles in the Physicians Formula version are larger and more sparse whereas Avenue is laced with very fine glitter. I can't speak about texture differences as I have never tried a fluidline, but I can say that the Physicians Formula gel liners provide a very smooth application and have serious staying power. I can also reference many a youtube guru who has raved about their quality, so it's not just me!

As far as price goes, there is a $4 -$5 difference between the two products (MAC's retails for $15 while the PF retails around $10 depending on the retailer). If you think you will get some good out of the other two liners (swatched above)  in the trio, the PF formula would most likely save you some cash. If, however, you don't care a bit about the other two liners, $10 on one liner might not be that much of a money saving victory. But, only you can judge that.

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