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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Review and Deal: "Try Me Free" Physicians Formula Jumbo Lash Mascara

I was at my local Rite Aid, returning a makeup dud, when it started POURING outside. I'm talking hail, heavy winds, and puddles that would make Captain Ahab cry. So, what's a girl to do in this situation? Check out the latest displays, duh. As it turns out, this storm was a blessing in disguise; without it, I wouldn't have met this fine lookin' lady:

Physicians Formula Organic Wear Jumbo Lash Mascara ($9.95 at drug stores, Walmart, and Target)

Looks like I have met my match in the curves department.

Did you have to do a double take at that sticker too!? Folks, it says "Try me FREE!". It's a rebate kind of deal where you have to send in your receipt, the "Try me FREE" sticker, and the packaging to get your money back. The best part: they have all kind of products with these stickers on them. While not all of them were in the best shape (apparently, to some, "Try me FREE" means "Take me out of the box and have your way with me right here, right now".) Regardless, I have seen the dual colored mascara, mineral foundation, and bronzing powder with these stickers on them. How have I missed this before!?

For those of you getting huffy because you don't have a Rite Aid anywhere near you: I have seen them at CVS too! Oh yeah, get your tuchus moving. But NOT before you read this review.

BIG brush

Dry formula (shown by patchiness)
 This is definitely a dry formula with a thick consistency.
Size reference: shown against Maybelline XXL Pro mascara wand.

Lashes before

Lashes after

Full effect
Here is what the product claims:

  • 100% of the Total Ingredients are from Natural Origin.
  • 47% of the Total Ingredients are from Organic Farming.
  • 100% Dramatic Volume & Glamour.
  • OrganiSoy® Moisturizes and helps nourish lashes.
  • Eco-Olive(r) a natural antioxidant, shields lashes from harsh environmental aggressors.
First off, I don't really care about having an organic mascara. I was really roped in by the giant FREE written on the label. So, while all of the "natural" and "organic" buzzwords on the package are nice, they aren't a major selling point for me on this, or any, product. What I want my mascara to do is volumize, thicken, lengthen, strengthen, and moisturize (losing lashes is always so sad).

Jumbo Lash claims to volumize and moisturize. Alright, not everything I want in a mascara, but volume is at the top of the list. So, does it meet do what it says it will? I think so. I put the pictures above so you can see my lashes in natural form and then see them after, but I personally feel as though they volumized. As far as moisturizing goes, I couldn't see a major difference, but it didn't feel harsh on my lashes or in my general eye area, which is lovely. Sometimes the Maybelline mascara I use can get a little irritating in my eye area, especially if I am doing multiple looks in one night, but I have never felt that with the Jumbo Lash.

Some downsides: The brush is really big and chunky. Notice how, in the comparison photo, the Maybelline is tapered at the end so it is easier to get inner lashes? The Jumbo chunk is a little hard to wiggle around in the inner eye area without making a minor mess (nothing a remover soaked cotton swab can't fix). Not a deal breaker, just inconvenient. Also, not that it claims to be, but a separator it is not. As you can see from the pics, there are a few lash clusters, but no major clumps. And, they seem hardly noticeable
in the pic of both my eyes.

Final verdict: If you can find it for free, get it. Even if it isn't your lead singer, it would sing backup nicely in your emergency makeup bag. If you can't find it for free, heed the claims on the packaging because it does exactly what it says. If that's what you need, then this is for you.

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