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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Review and Swatchfest: e.l.f. Endless Pro Eyeshadow Palette (Part 1)

Because this is such a huge palette, the format for this review and swatchfest is going to be a little different. I'm going to split things up into 5 parts so that there isn't just one picture-heavy post that would take a decade to load. With that said, here are your glamor shots!

e.l.f. Endless Pro Eyeshadow Palette ($10.00 at TJ Maxx or eyeslipsface.com)

This is the first column on the left pictured above. It really is more of a highlighter row so the pigmentation is subtle.

The first shadow on the left, left much to be desired, but the payoff got better throughout swatching. Overall the only shades I had a lot of problems with were the mattes (typical). But, as you will see, there are some redeeming shadows (and in a 100 pan palette, there had better be).

Second half of the first column:

Second column from the left (browns):

One thing e.l.f. knows how to do is metallic. Their shimmery metals always have good color payoff and tend to be pretty creamy.

There are some amazing neutrals in this palette (both matte, shimmer, and sparkle).

For $10, I highly recommend this palette. Yes, there are some losers in the lot. But with 100 shadows in a palette, one is statistically bound to be a loser if, for no other reason, a manufacturing error. For someone looking to grow their collection, this is for you. For a makeup hoarder like me, this is for you! Currently, there is a 50% off studio sale going on at e.l.f. where, if you spend $25 in studio items, you get 50% off (use code STUDIO). Otherwise, you can buy it for full price online or risk the trip to TJ Maxx to find it.

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