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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Review and Swatchfest: Jesse's Girl New Baked Shadow Palette

I must admit, I got caught up in the recent flurry of mineralized/marbelized shadow hunt after the release of MAC's Semi Precious collection. I noticed this new feature on the shelves of Rite Aid and couldn't resist but try it. Before you get your hopes up, let's just say I'm glad they have a very liberal return policy.

I am pretty new to the brand Jesse's Girl as Rite Aids are few and far between in the Midwest (in other words, this one is for you coasties). When I saw not one, but NINE baked shadows in one palette for the reasonable price of $6.99, I jumped at the chance to try them. But, before the critique, let's have a healthy swatchfest.

A few preliminaries These pans don't have individual colors,so I refer to position in the palette. Also, I don't know if they are supposed to be able to work both wet and dry (I just assumed they would because that is a general trait of bakes shadows), but I swatched them as such anyway (dry on top, wet on bottom). I couldn't find any information specifying either way online, so I won't hold it against them if they don't step up their game when applied wet. Just use the wet/dry comparison as a reference. Also, all of the colors are frosty/metallic. Not a matte in sight, but no chunky glitter either.
Top left color: purple tinged navy blue

Top middle color: pink champagne

Top right: light lime green

Middle left: violet
Middle...middle? Copper leaning pink
Middle right: periwinkle

Bottom left: yellow leaning peachy gold
Bottom Middle: pewter
Bottom right: deep baby pink
To start with some positives, the colors really are great. There are some awesome neutrals with some funky brights to make things pop, should the mood strike. The palette has great variety and could serve to put together so many looks. For me, that is where the good ends.

The issues I had with these shadows were mainly with the texture. They may have swatched well, but I had to rub them pretty hard to get this kind of payoff. When I tried to do a look with the coppery red (middle middle), I felt like I was tugging my eyelid all over the place because the shadow was so hard to work with. This was what did it for me. What good is a product if it is inconvenient or hard to use it? No matter what the cost, $6.99 spent on a palette that is so-so (or not even, in my opinion) is $6.99 better spent on a sandwich, or put toward higher quality products. Maybe if you are used to working with these shadows, you won't have a tugging issue I had (I could just be a Jesse's Girl n00b!) and these swatches will be useful to you. If not, I would have to say you could pass on this palette.

Is it just me, or do others have the same issues with JG's baked shadows?

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