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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Review and Swatchfest: Skin 79 BB Cream Buffet

Ever since I saw youtube's missglamorazzi rave about her Hot Pink Super+ Triple Function BB Cream, I had to know: what is a BB Cream and what makes it so special? To answer my own beauty quandary, I purchased a BB Cream smaple pack on amazon.com for $10 to see what the fuss is about.

From the left: Super BB Gold BB Cream, Super Triple Function BB Cream, Diamond the Prestige, Pearl Luminous BB Cream
 Verdict and overall recommendations for skin types can be found at  the bottom of the post.

To start,the "BB" in BB Cream stands for Blemish Balm. Basically, they are your skin care routine rolled into one product. Often,they include any, all, or some combination of the following: your moisturizer, foundation, concealer, anti-aging agent, SPF, and whitening complex. Some BB Creams oxidize slightly after application and so, in the review, I will have two swatches: one after initial blending and one after about 5 minutes. Let's get started!

First up: Super Gold BB Cream

Super Gold BB Cream boasts whitening properties, wrinkle care, and SPF. As these bottles weren't big enough to allow long term use, I can really only attest to the coverage and SPF. So, some swatches:

Fresh swatch


The texture of this BB Cream was thick and it had medium to heavy coverage. During the summer, my skin can get especially shiny as the day wear on, but I didn't notice that with this BB Cream, so it does a good job at controlling oil and mattifying.

You can really see how the BB Cream changes as it oxidizes. This particular cream made me look really ashy and it was just a touch too light (because of the whitening properties). Perhaps in the winter this would be more suitable for me, however the grey undertone the cream has tells me that this might not be the case. If you have cool undertones to your skin, this would be a better BB Cream for you.

Next is the Super Triple Function BB Cream, otherwise known as the "hot pink" BB Cream.

This BB Cream claims to whiten, have anti-wrinkle properties, and sun protection while also moisturizing.

Just blended

 I found the coverage of the BB Cream to be a little lighter than the last but it did an equally good job at mattifying and keeping oil under control. As with the first one, the whitening properties made this cream go a little ashy on me, but those with cooler undertones might be pleased with the results.

 Almost done...Diamond the Prestige BB Cream

 Diamond the Prestige promises the same whitening, anti-wrinkle, and SPF protection the previous two creams do, but it does with with pizazz by offering complexion illumination with diamond flecks. Now weather or not the things that are shining in this BB Cream are actually diamond flecks is not for me to say (although I highly doubt it), but it is my favorite cream of the 4 and I'll tell you why...

freshly swatched

 This had the sheerest coverage of all of the BB Creams and perhaps that is why it wore so well on me. It allowed my natural skin tone to shine through without being stunted by the whitening agents. And, an added bonus, was the illuminating shimmer that ran through cream. I think it added a natural glow to my complexion without being overwhelmingly sparkly. I even had Mr. Making Up the MW tell me, in several different kinds of lighting, if he felt I had a Twighlight-ish sparkle to my skin. He said no, and I trust him because he doesn't like to get within a 10 foot radius of me if I am playing with sparkles of any kind.

Last up - Pearl Luminous BB Cream

I couldn't find information about what this BB Cream claims to do other give sheer coverage while illuminating. I did find that it illuminated more than the first two creams above, but not as much as the diamond cream. This would be good for those with oily skin who are still looking for a healthy glow.

freshly swatched

 This BB Cream provided sheer coverage and a light shimmer. It does oxidize a little grey, but because the coverage is so sheer, it is hardly noticeable.

-BB Gold and Triple Function BB Cream are great for those with cool undertones looking for a fuller coverage foundation.
-BB Diamond and BB Pearl are good for those looking for sheerer coverage and illumination. They would be good for both warm and cool undertones.
-Overall, I think I will stick to regular foundation because BB Creams tend to go ashy on me, but I am glad I tried them!

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