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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Review and Swatchfest: theBalm Shady Lady Vol. 2 Palette

Rather than go into how hard I looked for this palette, I will just revel in the fact that I did and share my thought on it with you fine readers!

theBalm's Shady Lady Palette Vol. 2 ($16.99 at TJ Maxx $39.50 at thBalm.com)
Insane Jane has a puppy related incident, but she toughed it out and stayed relatively in-tact. Luckily, I have her twin in the Balmbini palette, so I'm not too worried.

Remember: you can always click photos to enlarge them!
Top Row: Caught in the Act Courtney, Feisty Felicia, Insane Jane

Caught in the Act Courtney: A ark, chocolatey brown with bronze sparkles
Feisty Felicia: A dark plum with golden sparkles
Insane Jane: satiny medium grey taupe

From the left: bossy bobbie, makeout mary, just this once jamie

bossy bobbie: a shimmery blue that leans grey when swatched
makeout mary: a shimmery olive green
just this once jamie: a more purple leaning, shimmery taupe

From left to right: mischievous marissa, tempting tara, develish danielle

mischievous marissa: a shimmery peach that almost leans copper
tempting tara: a basic shimmery white
develish danielle: a shimmery light pink champagne

Overall, I love these shadows but there is a definite caveat. They swatch beautifully dry, but in practice, they sheer out a bit. Luckily, they can be used wet and they are buildable, so all is not lost. The pigmentation is there, you just have to work more for it. The palette itself is full of wonderful standards (shimmery peach and white highlights) but mixes things up with a blue, green, and two darker hues with chunkier sparkles. In short, this palette has it all for a wide range of looks. What's more is that the price is right. theBalm eyeshadows typically retail for $16 a pan and you get 9 pans for $39.50 (or $16.99 in my case), which makes them an absolute steal. They are blendable, buildable, and smooth as all getout. I highly recommend them.

Availability:At the time this was posted, the Shady Lady Vol. 2 and Vol. 3 Palettes were sold out at theBalm.com so perhaps Sephora, TJ Maxx, and Marshalls are your best bets for finding them. If all else fails, contact them. But, whatever you do, do it quick if you covet this palette because they are moving like hot cakes.

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