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Monday, August 15, 2011

Review and Swatchfest: Wet N Wild Coloricon Palette in Lust

The Wet N Wild love affair continues with the Coloricon Lust Palette ($4.99 at drugstores):

Left Column from the top: matte baby pink, matte medium red-grape purple, matte dark plum
Right Column from the top: shimmery opaque eggshell, dark grey with grey sparkle. dark plum with purple sparkle

Lets start with the mattes (left column). As far as mattes go in the Wet N Wild collection, they are typically few and far between, so it is great to see not just a few, but HALF a palette of them! What's even better is that they aren't horribly chalky. They aren't the most amazing matte shadows my finger has ever swiped, but I was definitely impressed by how blendable they are and how evenly they apply. I was also impressed by the color payoff of the matte shadows. They don't just swatch well, folks; they can put on a show, too! I have a few tutorials coming up where I use the middle purple shade because it makes crease blending so easy and it retains it's purple-ness. So often I find that matte brights lose their gusto when blended and this is definitely not the case. I am so in love with the mattes that I might invest in the other coloricon palettes just for them.

Now for the shimmers/sparkles.The top, off-white, color is a mix between a matte ans shimmer.You can kind of see in the photo that it lays a lot like a matte, but it is definitely sparkle laden. So, it's like a full coverage shimmer. No sheer here. The middle and bottom shades are pretty standard sparkly grey and plum shades that are good for smokey eyes. All three colors blend well, are easy to work with, the sparkles aren't too big, and they compliment the color nicely.

Overall, I really recommend this palette. The mattes are a must have and the sparkles balance them well if you are looking for an eye look in a palette.  

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