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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Birchbox Review: Incoco Nail Strips

This was by far the product I had the most fun playing with this month! The Incoco Nail Strips ($10.99) are strips of real nail polish you simply stick on your nail and go. No drying time. No top coat. Nada. As someone who can't sit still for long, this has massive appeal.

Urban Jungle Nail Strips ($10.99)

Handy Instructions!
Birchbox even created a video showing how to apply them!

At first, I was a little apprehensive about these because I had tried some dollar store "strips" without much luck. They had a thick, paper-like consistency (which mad application a bear) and were off within two days, leaving behind a sticky residue. But, trusting Birchbox not to send me anything unworthy of their praise, I kept my hopes high. I was not let down.

 First let's talk application. Upon opening the box, I was shocked to smell nail polish. I had heard they were strips of real nail polish, but due to my previous stripping fiasco didn't believe it. Just to clear things up, they're real. This makes the wear time SO much longer! For 5 minutes of working with them, I had a professional looking manicure that stayed even longer. For me, nail polish typically wear absolutely chip free for about two days. These lasted 5 days without ANY chips. No tip wear, no scratches, no dings. 

Another plus is how easy they make it to match a strip to your nail size. The strips are double sided so you can orient it either way on your nail. And, although this isn't typical for everyone, when my sister used it (queen of the freakishly small hands) she said she was able to one strip for two nails. So, she got DOUBLE the wear from her set (typically comes with 12 strips). 

One last bonus: Although the set I had is $10.99, approximately what you would pay for Sally Hansen or another competing brand, they offer basic colors, patterns, and french tips on the Incoco site for as low as $8.99. Score.

While I did encounter some down sides, most were due to user error. As you can see in the picture of my nails, the polish on the tip of my middle finger fans out a bit. That's because I handled the end of that strip a little too much and it lost its tackiness. Granted, this resulted in the tiniest chip missing from my polish, it is something to be aware of when using. The only other downside of this polish is really something all glitter polishes, not just Incoco, have in common. They are so difficult to get off! After 5 minutes of working on two nails with regular remover, I switched to pure acetone to get the job done. Is this a big deal? Of course not. Again, just something to think about when you are ordering. 

Verdict: I love them. You get an amazing looking manicure in 5 minutes AND no drying time. Not to mention they last over 2 times longer, on me at least, than any paint-polish would. If the $8.99-$10.99 price has you down, consider trying to use both sides. To do this and avoid the tackiness problem I encountered, I recommend using tweezers to apply them.

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