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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Birchbox Review: Truth Art Beauty Face Nourish | Birchbox Blend

Truth Art Beauty's face nourish ($54 at truthartbeauty.com) kicks off the first Birchbox review of the month! To watch the unboxing, see the video below, otherwise, continue on to the review.

The Birchbox Breakdown:
We consider face oils the Holy Grail of skincare, with the ability to cure everything from dryness to rosacea to acne — they’re even perfect for oily skin types. Naturally, we jumped at the chance to create our own face oil with Truth Art Beauty, a brand that lets you mix and match organic, high-quality ingredients to make custom blends. Our concoction is lightweight, hydrating, and completely non-comedogenic (no need to worry about clogged pores). Not only will the botanical ingredients work to moisturize and heal your skin, but they’ll protect it from environmental damage, too. 

Unfortunately, due to some stress induces breakouts, I wasn't able to test this to the fullest extent (5 or so uses) especially since you really need at least 2 weeks to see how a new skin product or regimen will affect you. I need to get my skin back to a normal baseline so I can really see the effects of the product. But, after the few times I used it, I was impressed and able to tell a lot about the product despite the state of my skin. I think those observations alone might make this review worth the read for anyone interested in trying Truth Art Beauty's nourish.

To start, what I was able to notice was the surprising lack of oily reside left on my skin, the amazing smell of the product, and the fact that it didn't create any new blemishes on my skin (a natural expectation I had of a face oil). I would use it after I got out of the shower and could feel the moisture being sapped out of my skin. After rubbing into my skin as directed, I would let it set in for a few minutes before applying my makeup. Another surprise to me was that my makeup didn't run after doing this! Proof positive that there really isn't a residue layer left between your skin and your makeup. Another plus to this is that it is fairly customizable. When you go to their website to create your nourish, you can choose your "base" according to your skin type as well as other benefit adding "boosts" they offer (anti-aging, redness fighting, etc). There is something to be said for a customizable face product!

I so wish my skin had been in a better state because I really like this product with what I could tell from just a few uses. And, while $54 a bottle may seem steep, it is certainly no more than you might pay at a departments store cosmetic counter. It will also last for ages; the small bottle they provided in the Birchbox was a THREE month supply! They do note that, because the ingredients are pure and organic, they will expire after 6 months. If you adhere to this, you will ultimately be paying $9 a month for this portion of your skincare regimen.

Verdict: I'm sorry to say that I don't feel comfortable making recommendations to anyone after so few uses. All I can suggest is that you use my preliminary observations to judge whether this is a product you are interested in trying! Ultimately, it left my skin feeling silky smooth without being greasy or pore-clogging.

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