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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Review and Swatchfest: ELF Duo Eye Shadow Creams

This is not only a review and swatchfest, but a great, wearble way to rock the glossy eyelid look that walked the fall runway. I found the ELF Duo Eye Shadow Creams in the Dollar Tree, but you can get them at eyeslipsface.com for $1. Overall, for $1 you get quit the product that serves as a shadow but moonlights as a base, should you need it to. But I don't want to bias your opinion, let me show you the swatches!

Berry Mix

Lilac and medium plum
Coffee & Cream

Frosty White and brown

Lime Green and Khaki
Sugar Cookie

Yellow-white and frosted baby pink
After my Revlon Cream Shadow experience, I didn't expect much from these. Luckily, I was pleasantly surprised by their creaminess, pigment, blendability, even application, and their staying power. Lightly applied to the lid with my finger, this was the result:

Berry Mix applied with fingers without primer
Using just my fingers, I applied the lilac shade to the inner half of my lid and the plum to the outer half and blended. While it didn't dry down to a powdery finish, The result was a glossy look that didn't smudge for 4 hours. Considering that the Revlon Cream Shadows creased within an hour, I'm chalking this up to a great success. Also, because they apply so evenly, they make great primers for shadows.

Another great $1 product from ELF. While none of them provide bold color, they are definitely a good on-the-go staple or makeup bag must-have for a "no makeup" makeup look.

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