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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Review and Swatchfest: Make Up For Ever Aqua Creams in Orange and Fuchsia

As promised from this FOTD, this is a review for MUFE (Make Up For Ever, for makeup acronym n00bs) Aqua Creams in #10 (Orange) and #7 (Fuchsia). As is evident from the packaging, these are samples I asked for at Sephora (FREE for any of you deal seekers out there!). There is some serious color to deal with here, people. On with it, shall we?
MUFE Aqua Cream #7 (Fuchsia)

Make Up For Ever is notorious for their high quality products, water-proof products. Their Aqua Creams are subdivided into two categories, one safe for eyes and cheeks, and one safe for cheeks and lips. #7 and #10 are both in the cheek and lip category. Although, much like other products with "not recommended for..." labels (i.e. MAC pigments for the eyes, Chromographic Pencils for the waterline, etc.), if you have tried it in the area in question and you don't have an unusual reaction, go for it. Regardless of where the products are rated to go, MUFE promises high pigmentation with crease and fade free wear. They definitely deliver on all counts.

#7 (Fuchsia)

I would say it is less purple than I consider a fuchsia to be. More hot pink with slight gold shimmer.
#10 (Orange)

A true orange with slight gold shimmer.
As always, click the picture to zoom!

In the swatches above, the top swatch is just one, un-sheared swipe while the one below is blended out a bit. They dry down matte, although they don't really have a gloss about them to begin with. The pigmentation of both is amazing. The ability to build, shear or blend them makes them incredibly versatile. I have worn both on my lips and cheeks and they have staying power like woah. So, overall, their functionality is a 10/10!

The only downside I found was that when wearing it as a lip color, my lips would sometimes dry out and putting a lip gloss or chapstick over them shortened their wear time.

Verdict: Awesome. They are ultra-pigmented and wear for forever. I highly recommend them to anyone who loves bright colors and lip/cheek stains. This product can be for those who want more subtle color, but you might have to work a tad more to get it. Not sure whether it's for you or not? Grab a sample!

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