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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Review: Amika Obliphica Hair Oil Treatment

This is the first of October's Birchbox reviews and it promises to be a quicky because, in short, I love this product! Nothing to rant about here.

Birchbox Rundown:
Don’t let the word ‘oil’ scare you off — this weightless serum disappears into hair without any residue, and adds tons of softness and shine. Just a couple drops smoothes flyaways, tames frizzies, and protects from heat styling. Good hair days just got infinitely easier.

This month, the Birchbox team has had the uncanny ability to answer my questions or concerns before I ask (as you may have already seen in my unboxing video). As many of my regular readers may know, I have fine hair. When given a hair product with oil in it, my sketical brows were raised. Wouldn't an oil weigh down my hair, giving it and even more lame, lifeless appearance? As Birchbox promises from the get-go, it seems that with Amika's Oil Treatment, the answer is no.

I have been putting this product on my hair everyday since the day I got it and have been loving the results. There is no greasy buildup, no extra weight, and my hair hasn't been this shiny in so long! Not to mention, the smell is unbelievable. Amika is probably so sick of my scent obsessed tweets, but I can't help it! It's too darn good.

So, it conditions and it smells good, what makes it different than your run-of-the-mill conditioner? Well, can you put the same conditioner you use in the shower on your hair after you dry it to smooth fly aways? Nope, not a chance. Amika stays weightless on my fine locks even if I apply it after styling. Did I have flyawaya when I applied it? Nope. Just did it so the smell would linger all day. Sorry I'm not sorry.

Amika retails for $34 on the Birchbox site and, considering it doubles as leave in conditioner and frizz control, I would say its worth every penny. Go getchu some.

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