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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Review and Swatchfest: Benefit's They're Real Mascara

Two years ago, I didn't wear mascara. For whatever reason, I had it in my mind that the repeated application and removal would make my lashes fall out and my lush lash line would eventually be bald. To solidify my stance, I had further convinced myself that mascara didn't really have a noticeable effect anyway. Silly, silly me. Now that I am a bit more seasoned in the beauty world, I know that mascara can pack a hellova punch ( in fact, sometimes it's all I wear!) and Benefit's "They're Real" Mascara not only proves this, but would have had a younger me eating my words for breakfast.

Having grown out of my mascara denial, I could acknowledge that mascara really did serve a purpose, but I am always still skeptical of the claims brands make about their mascara. Let's face it, they won't say, "You must try our mascara because it does everything every other mascara does!" While honest, it won't get the sale. So you have to weed through the claims to see if the mascara is worth the klout. And Benefit's had a lot of klout.

To start, you can see the product differentiated itself from other mascaras with the unique brush it sports. The tip of the brush has spikes meant to handle the bottom lashes, although I find it helps immensely with getting product on the outer lashes. I'll let the pictures reiterate that later... The brush is a rubber (as apposed to the typical fiber brushes) with evenly space bristles and the size of the brush is manageable for the inner corner lashes. The formula is wet, although not as wet as my former favorite, MAC's Zoomlash. Wetter formulas always help with separation and lengthening.This formula also has serious staying power; it doesn't flake or run!

Now for the pictures...

This is what I was talking about with the outer lashes. When I have tried to use the tip of a brush to get the same lift on my outer edges, I get clumps. Not. Cool. This brush seems to be specially designed for this lash maneuver. That, in addition to it being an overall great mascara makes it worth the high-end price ($22).

Verdict: I highly recommend this mascara. As a mascara, it performs well, but it truly delivers on the false lash claim with a unique brush that lets you reach those previously off-limits lash zones.

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