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Monday, November 21, 2011

Birchbox Review: Oscar Blandi Jasmine Protein Mist

I just realized I should get this review out because Hautelook is having an Oscar Blandi sale and this little gem is available as part of a set including Oscar Blandi's Volumizing Spray. Now, I can't speak for the volumizing spray (although, with my volume envy, it just got on the short list of products to try), but I can tell you a little about the protein mist.
Birchbox Breakdown:
While we love the way our hair looks right after a blowout, we hate waking up the next morning with flat locks. This restyling mist seals in each cuticle to protect hair from heat damage, so we can bust out the blow dryer again sans guilt. It makes hair more flexible, prevents breakage, and zaps flyaways.

Note: When I first received this in my Birchbox, I thought it was supposed to function as a sort of leave-in conditioner as well. But, after re-reading the description Birchbox gave, both on the site and on the in-box card, I think in saying it "protects, fortifies, and revives damp or dry strands", they mean it serves the same function of protecting against the blow dryer whether your hair is wet or dry, rather than functioning as a leave-in conditioner when applied while your hair is wet. I thought I might clear this up in case anyone who watched the video is wondering about the detangling/moisturing properties I was excited for. Don't worry though, as you will find out later in the review, it does exactly what it claims to do and definitely deserves a place in your hair care routine.

On to the review! This product is meant for second day hair. You know the type. You weren't active enough for it to warrant a washing, but it needs a little oomph before you walk out the door. I am a big fan of dry shampoo or texturizing powder to achieve that oomph, but most of the time, they don't leave your hair feeling fresh. Because Oscar Blandi's protein spray has a hint of lavender, it re-scents and slightly re-wets your hair so that after a quick blow dry (and I mean 30 seconds to a minute, even for my long hair), your second day hair has the volume and scent of just-dried, just-washed hair. Lovely and aromatic. 

With regard to the protection this protein mist promises, I noticed my hair feeling soft and my sometimes-frizzy ends looking rather tame. So, in short, it's a win in the protection and fortification department. 

Verdict: If you like to rock second day hair, I highly recommend this as a way to keep your hair more fresh than the typical dry shampoo or powder will. It gives you the volume typical solutions do, but the scent and volume that some can't. 

Plus, at least until midnight this Wednesday, you can have a full sized product for about $11 on hautelook.

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