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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Review and Swatchfest: Too Faced Smoky Eye Collection

I've always been a sucker for a smoky eye and few palettes ooze smoke (or say it as plainly in the title) as much as Too Faced Cosmetics' Smoky Eye Collection. One of two smoky eye palettes - the other sets itself apart with an extra "e" in the mix- this palette breathes some life into the classic black and grey smoky eye while still managing to give you the essentials. Let's get to swatchin'.

 While not essential, I love it when looks cards are included in a palette. On days when the inspiration isn't full force, but I want a departure from my usual, they are an easy way to go. Unlike other Too Faced palette, this palette comes with a little drawer where two double ended applicators are kept. While most of us (myself included) would chuck these right away, these might be worth a second glance. On one end there's a sponge tip applicator, but on the other there is an angled brush perfect for liner. To me, it makes these a little more worth while because if I were in a true pinch. No, it's not a brush set. But, I would come closer to a more polished look than if there were just sponges.

Each row is divided into looks: "Day Smoke", "Fashion Smoke", and "Classic Smoke" from top to bottom.

Colors, from left to right, in "Day Smoke": Matte cream, shimmery brown-based taupe, shimmery medium chocolate brown.

Colors, from left to right, in the "Fashion Smoke" row: Satiny champagne (not matte but not as shimmery as the other shades), shimmery emerald green, and shimmery navy blue. Unfortunately, my camera doesn't do these colors justice; they are more vibrant in person.

Colors, from left to right, in the "Classic Smoke" row: Matte Black, shimmery silver, black with multi-colored shimmer (although green is  most prominent).

On to the review.

The first thing I want to point out, and one of the things that takes this palette to the next level, are the matte shades in the left column. Despite being a wonderful "best friend" texture when it comes to blending out a crease or highlighting a brow bone, matte shades rarely make the cut in palettes. Shimmers get all the glory. This palette included two mattes, the cream and matte black, which provide a nice contrast to each other. What's more is that Too Faced does mattes well! While it may be harder to see in the matte cream as it's against my-ahem- fair (pasty is an ugly word) arm, the smooth consistency is readily seen in the black. No chalkiness or streakiness here, folks.

Even though quality shimmer shadows aren't in as short supply as mattes, this palette nailed the shimmers too. All of these swatches were taken with one swipe. While some are softer than others, none of the shadows were particularly troublesome.

The mix of colors is a great one as well. While, at first, the two pops of color looked out of place to me, I started mentally pairing them with colors above and below them. Brown smoke with a green pop? Black with a midnight blue twist? Yes please. What's more is that this palette offers up the opportunity to go beyond smoky. If you aren't a daytime smoker like me, there are enough light shades in the bunch to allow for plenty of lovely, but more subtle looks. Something to keep in mind is that there is quite a mix of warm and cool colors which I like, but is something to keep in mind if you are dead set against one or the other.

I like this palette and would recommend it to hard core and occasional smokers alike. As I said before, it has the makings of a neutral/everyday palette and a smoky palette in one plus two pops of color to keep things interesting. It's currently available (on sale!) on the Too Faced website. Too Faced is also occasionally on Hautelook, which is where I got mine. Or, you could WIN it on this very blog!

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