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Friday, February 17, 2012

Birchbox Review: Exude Lipstick

For me, this was one of the more exciting products in this month's Birchbox as I am a gloss-a-holic! I find that when I am on-the-go and without a mirror, a gloss is the easiest thing to apply without having to worry about coloring in the lines (within reason!). Like many glosses, Exude promises a non-sticky formula packed with loads of vitamins, moisturizer, other goodies for your pucker. But, their real claim to fame is their innovative packaging.

Exude Lipstick in Nude

Yes, that is a crystal clear applicator!
The new applicator is supposed to not only solve the problem of your lip product losing its shape as it's used and worn down, but also allows you to retract product if you find you have too much. Let's discuss.

Nude - a sheer, sparkly, golden-hued gloss

The claims of a non-sticky formula and ability to moisturize are so true and the applicator was great for neatly coating the cupid's bow area. The close up of the packaging above shows the applicator after I retracted product and you can see that, for the most part, it's all gone. There is something to be said for not wasting product like most click-up applicators do. All-in-all, they deliver on their claims for the most part and it really is a great product! The only thing that might be a little misleading is the "lipstick" in the title. While the applicator may be in lipstick form, the coverage you get -at least from the shade Nude - isn't anything like that of a lipstick. It is definitely a gloss. While there are both creme and gloss finishes in the line, I was surprised to find that Nude is considered a creme as I typically associate a "creme" finish with more opacity. Details like these certainly don't affect how a product performs, but they something to be aware of when purchasing, especially since these lipsticks pack a $29 price tag.

Overall, I really enjoyed trying this product not only because it delivers on all of its claims, but also because the applicator changes things up. If you are up for a splurge and into trying new things, look into trying these. If not, I would hold off.

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