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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

MyGlam Review: Freeman Enzyme Mask in Pineapple

Source: MyGlam
The Freeman face mask brand had another starring role in this month's MyGlam Gam Bag and, I have to say, I wasn't feeling this one as much as I did the peel of masque. Of the two masks subscribers could have received this month, I got the pineapple mask. The scent was very authentic and very refreshing, but not overwhelming. If anything, it made me really hungry...for a pina colada. I was intrigued by the coarse texture; it was like an exfoliator and mask in one. But, the instructions didn't say to work the mask into the face while applying, so I don't feel it did any real exfoliation. After leaving my mask on for 10 minutes, as instructed, I rinsed it from my face to find...the same face that was there before I used the mask. Not that I was expecting drastic changes, but the promise of "radiant skin" and the results of the peel off masque I tried before lead me to believe I would really notice some results. I suppose that with a more gentle mask like this - one where you aren't ripping the dead skin and dirt from your face - it may take more use to really notice a difference. However, if that's the case, I wish MyGlam would have given full sizes of these rather than the peel off masque.

Overall, I can't say I would recommend this mask, not because it doesn't work, but because I need more time/product to tell if it works. Freeman is still offering the same discount they were last month and that is that you can get all three masks (the two above and the peel off) for $10 if you follow this link.

What did you think of your mask?

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