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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Reminder: LORAC on Hautelook TOMORROW

I typically wouldn't post twice about the same haute look event, but the promo for the LORAC event on Hautelook hadn't been released when I published the first post and now it has...and it's awesome.

This isn't going to be just any LORAC event! It's going to be a holiday LORAC event, and that means their holiday palette might be available. As I've said before, sometimes it's hard to tell what will be offered at these events, but typically the promo picture (above) gives a good idea. This was the case with the most recent Urban Decay event where they pictured the Book of Shadows IV and it ended up being in the event. I just thought I would give everyone who is interested a heads up! Personally, I will get to my 10:10 am class early tomorrow (all events begin at 10 am CT) so the event doesn't start while I'm mid-commute and I can ensure my scrolling finger is primed. Speaking of, they have a mobile app which is where I do most of my perusing.

Happy Shopping!

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