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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Review and Swatchfest: The Body Shop Shimmer Cube Palette No.6

Even if you aren't a makeup enthusiast, most of us remember the first piece of makeup that's truly ours. It's one of the many rights of passage into womanhood; something we see out mothers do and think, "I can't wait for the day..." My first happened to be this gem from The Body Shop.

I'm sure it's to no one's surprise that I began my journey in the makeup world with a simple neutral palette, but it's only now that I can realize how sophisticated and versatile it really is. Each shadow is individually packed into removable cubes that can be placed in other quads within the Shimmer Cubes Line (and there are some great sets!). There is a huge amount of product in each cube, so much so that even after making it my exclusive eye palette for years, I never ran out! The colors within the palette lend themselves to leaning either warm or cool. Take the taupe out (bottom right) and you have the look of a golden goddess. Remove the bronze-gold (lower left) and you have a cooler, more sophisticated look. The colors can also be used both wet or dry so you can not only get intense looks out of the set, but use the darkest brown as a dark brown liner.

Applied Dry
For whatever reason I didn't think to apply these wet, but even applied dry they are so pigmented! From the left: "Marshmallow" is a pink-based shimmery champagne and serves as a highlighter - both for the eyes and the face, "Dark Chocolate" is a shimmery warm, chocolatey-brown, "Honeycomb" is a shimmery orange-gold, and "Chocolate Chip" is a cool, purple based taupe. All of the shades are shimmery, so matte lovers should steer clear.

This is a beautifully simple, yet versatile palette that you can buy at any Body Shop store or online. They are currently sold out online, but get on the email notification list because it's worth the wait!

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