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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Review and Swatchfest: Nabi Mangetic Nail Polish in Khaki and Mocha

I heard tell there was going to be a new Magnetic Polish on the market soon, but I didn't know when, where, or just how inexpensive it would be. These questions, and more, were answered when I spotted Nabi Magnetic Polish at Walgreens.

The display was 2x this big!
Those who have been following the magnetic nail polish trend will know that, up until now, the only prominent brand offering such a novelty was nails inc. and their colors were limited to three. Nabi offers a ton of colors, magnet patterns, and finishes (metallic and satin). I don't know why, but something told me to pick up one of each finish because something about a satin finish magnetic polish didn't make sense to me. Good thing I did.
Rather than being a true Khaki shade, Nabi's Khaki is more of an antique gold to me - a tarnished gold.
"V" pattern - ignore the poorly painted thumb
Nabi's "Mocha" doesn't really resemble any kind of mocha color I've seen. It's more of a dusty rose, which I love...but it ain't no mocha.
Straight Line Pattern
The magnetic pattern didn't transfer as well with the satin finish polish, that is something to be cautious of when choosing your color. It was also harder to get the straight line pattern to transfer across the whole nail - whether I was using the satin finish or not.

Although I've only had these for a few days, I can already tell these will have average wear time. You can already see in the last picture above, there is already wear on the tip. I should warn you, my "average wear time" is 2-3 days without serious chipping. I feel like my average is lower than true average, but I use both a base and top coat, so I chalk it up to my nails just not liking polish. What is your "average"?

The application is smooth, non-streaky, and typical of most polishes in that they take two coats to get the best coverage. Pretty standard there. What was surprising to me was the price! Instead of paying upwards of $16 to rock the magnetic nail polish trend, you can purchase one of these bad boys for $3.99! To me, this is incredibly reasonable considering you not only get a nail polish that is on par with other drug store brands in terms of wear and performance, but you can also indulge in the magnetic trend.

One of the most notable differences in Nabi versus nails inc. is where the magnet is/the lack of "stub" used to keep the cap away from the nail. Unlike the nails inc. polish, Nabi's magnet is attached to the brush which can demand some dexterity out of someone with wet nails. It's not a huge issue, just a difference that takes getting used to if you are used to a certain application process. Nabi's magnet also does not have the cuticle "stub" that was supposed to keep the magnet a safe distance away from your wet nail. I never found these to feel fool proof (I always managed to touch the magnet to mine), so this wasn't awful. Again, just different.

Overall I recommend the metallic finish from this line. The colors of the satin finish polishes were still gorgeous, but they looked a little awkward when magnetized because the patterns wouldn't fully transfer. Look to your nearest Walgreens for these!

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