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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Review and Swatchfest: Physicians Formula Matchmaker pH Powered Bronzer in Light

Yesterday, I posted about some great sales on the new Physicians Formula (PF) Matchmaker line you might find at your local CVS. The Matchmaker line claims to bring something new to the makeup table with their products' ability to change color according to the user's skin tone. While not a completely new concept, as lines like Maybelline's Fit Me promise something similar, PF's Matchmaker claims to do so not by simply blending with ease, but by adapting your your personal pH.

First, let's talk a little bit about what this pH business is all about. In case you suppressed everything you learned in your high school chem class (I'm with you), pH is just a measure of how acidic or basic a solution is. While there definitely can be, and probably is, something in these products that makes them change when they are applied, the are not reacting to your personal coloring, but rather how acidic or basic the moisture in your skin (or the moisture in the air around your face) is. Essentially, the change you might see will be real, but it might not necessarily be the best for your coloring, so don't be hesitant to think so! I don't mean to take away the magic from the makeup, but it's always good to know whether you are buying something completely phony, or just a little gimmicky. In this case, it's a lot gimmicky, but if it works for you that's great!

Now that I've revealed the man behind the pH-buzz curtain, let's get to reviewing!

pH Powered Bronzer in Light Bronze

Comes with a compartment for a brush
Oh yes, there are lights.
The lights are very blue so it's hard to see a subtle bronze if this is the only light you have to apply your makeup. They are bright, though!
While the shimmery beads around the perimeter are superficial and wear off after one swipe with a brush, this is a sparkly bronzer. If matte is what you are going for, you should look elsewhere. As it happens, PF makes the best matte drugstore bronzer I have found. See the review here.

After 1 minute
I noticed a definite difference between when I first applied it and a minute after. It became less intense and seemed to blend very naturally into my skin.

Applied generously to mah face
It gets hard to make recommendations based on how it looked on me as, due to the nature of the product, different people should have different results. So, while I really liked the results I achieved and will definitely be keeping it, I will try to critique the more objective qualities of the product. The consistency is smooth and easily blendable. There are two shades and the lighter one is almost too light for me currently so I know that, when summer comes I will have to switch to the dark.The lighting in the packaging is a gimmick,but it is on par with the price of other products in the line, so it doesn't look like you are paying for it. That's everything I can think of that is universally applicable, but if you have questions or think I forgot something, please let me know in the comments section!

Just a reminder, if you are thinking of trying this, or anything from the Matchmaker line, check you CVS for the $3 coupon attached to the products!

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