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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Review and Swatchfest: Physicians Formula pH Powered Lip Gloss in Pink

Below are details about the Matchmaker line from PH that I have taken from my review if the pH Balanced Bronzer, so if you have already read that, you can go ahead and skip over it.

Yesterday, I posted about some great sales on the new Physicians Formula (PF) Matchmaker line you might find at your local CVS. The Matchmaker line claims to bring something new to the makeup table with their products' ability to change color according to the user's skin tone. While not a completely new concept, as lines like Maybelline's Fit Me promise something similar, PF's Matchmaker claims to do so not by simply blending with ease, but by adapting your your personal pH.

First, let's talk a little bit about what this pH business is all about. In case you suppressed everything you learned in your high school chem class (I'm with you), pH is just a measure of how acidic or basic a solution is. While there definitely can be, and probably is, something in these products that makes them change when they are applied, the are not reacting to your personal coloring, but rather how acidic or basic the moisture in your skin (or the moisture in the air around your face) is. Essentially, the change you might see will be real, but it might not necessarily be the best for your coloring, so don't be hesitant to think so! I don't mean to take away the magic from the makeup, but it's always good to know whether you are buying something completely phony, or just a little gimmicky. In this case, it's a lot gimmicky, but if it works for you that's great!

Now that I've revealed the man behind the pH-buzz curtain, let's get to reviewing!

 There is also a mirror on one side of the packaging. Convenient!

Very bright!
Because you can angle the light so that it isn't pointed directly at you during application, it is much more useful that the one that is included in the bronzer. These lights are very bright and, even if you aren't completely in the dark, you go a little blind when they shine directly in your eyes. Still, never have I thought, "You know, what I need right now is a light on my lip gloss applicator".

Initial Application

After 1 minute
 I was impressed at how much this lip gloss changed! Although I don't know how it will end up on you, it turned bright pink on me. Too pink, in fact, but it definitely works and if pink is your thing, you might want to check it out.

As I said in my bronzer review, it's hard for me to make recommendations based on coloring because the product is designed to change differently on everyone, but there are some universal qualities I can comment on. The texture is pretty smooth despite being sparkly. While the gloss has lots of color, it's not opaque by any means. The color, whatever it may be on you, stays put; even after I wiped the gloss of, my lips (and swatching arm) were stained for hours. If you are a pink person, and are looking to try something fromt he Matchmaker line, this might be for you! 

Now, before you go out purchasing willy nilly, take a second to check out CVS because you will find find that, this week, Physicians Formula products are BOGO 1/2 off  PLUS every product in the display I found has $3 coupons attacked.

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