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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Review and Swatchfest: Physicians Formula pH Powered Blush In Natural and Rose

Curiosity got the best of me and I had to take advantage of the good deal at CVS this week to try the blushes that are in the new Physicians Formula Matchmaker Line. I've already reviewed the light bronzer and lip gloss in pink, and was pleasantly surprised! I talked a little bit about the science behind the "pH Powered" claims and their validity behind this blush in the reviews for both the bronzer and lip gloss, so if you are curious or care, please look there. On to the swatches!

Physicians Formula Matchmaker pH Powered Blush in "Natural"
 Like the bronzer in the line, both of these compacts have lights by the mirror. To see those in action, see the review for the bronzer. For me, they don't really add any value to the compact because they are very bright and blue-tinged. If they were the only light you had to work by, you would be blinded because they are directly beside the mirror and the unnaturally blue lighting makes it hard to get a feel for how your application will look in yellow-based natural light.

To cater to the masses, this line has both a peach-leaning and pink blush. Natural is the peachier of the two, although until it's compared to Rose, it still looks pretty pink. The shimmery bumps lining the pan are superficial and will rub off in one swipe of the brush, so don't worry about this blush being over shimmery or glittery. However, the blush itself isn't completely matte; there is the finest shimmer throughout.

Unblended Swatch of "Natural"
Natural just after blending

Natural after blending and a minute
All of the products int his line claim to adapt to your pH within 60 seconds. So far, all of them have done so and "Natural" is no exception. Overall, the color became slightly peachier but the major difference I saw was the decrease in intensity.

Physicians Formula Matchmaker pH Powered Blush in "Rose"

Very Sparkly!
In addition to being the pink-hued counterpart to Natural, Rose is also the glitter bomb of the two. Again, the bumps along the perimeter are superficial, but the shimmer you see throughout the blush runs deep. Unfortunately, because of the drastic difference in shimmer content, if you feel strongly one way or another about shimmery blushes you might be limited to one blush within the line, regardless of whether you like peaches or pinks.
Unblended Swatch
Blended Before

Blended After 60 Seconds
After a minute, I saw the same dip in color intensity as I did in Natural, but the color pretty much stayed the same. The magnitude of the sparkles don't come across in the swatch, but they are definitely noticeable and manage to make it to places outside of where you laid the blush down.
Natural on the right, Rose on the left
For the life of me, I cannot figure out how to flip the comparison swatches below, so beware: the are opposite of the pans above.
Rose on the right, natural on the left.
Both of these swatches are blended and taken about 5 minutes after swatching.

Both blushes are pigmented, smooth, and easily blended, so the quality is definitely there. They also claim to be long wearing (14 hour wear) and they are! It's hard to describe, but once they are on the skin and set, they almost look like a pigment without the splotchy application.

Overall, I highly recommend them, just be aware of the glitter factor!

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