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Monday, March 19, 2012

Review & Swatchfest: The Hunger Games Collection Sampler by China Glaze

I'll be up front with the fact that I haven't read any of The Hunger Games books and I wasn't really even planning on seeing the movie (please don't stop reading!). I will also admit that nothing has made me want to read the books or see the movie more than this nail polish collection. Oh yeah. It's that good.

Those who follow me on twitter may have seen me tweet a picture of this set that I found at ULTA last week.

From the left: Fast Track, Agro, Smoke, and Ashes, Luxe & Lush

In the bottle, Fast Track looks like it might be an unflattering flesh-tone. Outside of the bottle, however, it becomes an amazing nude with golden sparkle. The texture of the shimmer adds enough depth to the color to keep it from falling flat and looking like death.

Agro is a great olive green. Up close, there is very fine shimmer, but from afar it looks like it has a metallic finish.

By far the hardest to capture in all its glory, Smoke, and Ashes is a luscious glossy black with green shimmer.

Luxe and Lush isn't the best fleck polish I've ever tried, but it complements the collection really nicely. The flecks aren't very dense so it takes almost 3 coats to get the same dense, even coverage others provide. Also, if it isn't finished with a top coat, the flecks can dry so that they poke out of the polish, leaving you prone to chipping.

If, like me, you couldn't make up your mind as to which polishes you wanted out of this collection, I really recommend this set. I rarely use up a full sized bottle as it is, so I get more bang for more buck, with less waste.

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