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Friday, March 9, 2012

Review & Swatchfest: MAC Shop/Cook quad in Call me Bubbles

I was ecstatic to pick this quad up today! I have been lusting after it ever since I walked by a MAC store right after the release of MAC's Shop MAC Cook MAC Collection and had never owned any MAC pan shadows before now. Unfortunately, my heart was broken after swatching it to find that the shadows were very lackluster and, in one case, didn't work at all (I didn't think it could happen either!).

From the left: Call Me Bubbles, Fresh Daily, Full of Flavour, Brash
Call Me Bubbles is a very sheer, shimmery off-white color that was less pigmented than I had hoped. Fresh Daily is a sheer, shimmery creamsicle color - also fainter than I was hoping for. Full of Flavour was a special kind of failure in that it would not depot color on my arm regardless of how many times or how hard I sired my finger in it. To get the swatch above, I ended up having to dig my nail into it to create a powder and only then would it deposit splotchy color. The shining star in this quad, and the color that initially drew me to this palette,  was Brash. It definitely didn't disappoint. Brash is a metallic burnt bronze that applied evenly and with great color payoff.

Even after the swatches failed, I tried to put together a look using them with the hope that they will still look good on, just more subtle. Call Me Bubbles and Fresh Daily were barely visible and I couldn't get Full of Flavour out of the pan without digging into it to create a powder. Brash was the only shadow to perform well.

Unfortunately, one stellar shadow didn't make this quad worth the $38 price tag. I want to think I got a defective palette because, in reading pre-purchase reviews, I don't remember anyone having this hard of a time working with these shadows. So, if you happened to snag this one, I would love to hear what your experiences were in the comments!

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