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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Review & swatchfest: Boscia BB Cream SPF 27 PA++

With Summer rolling around, I am highly anticipating a clearer, more bronzed complexion and, with that, the need for a lighter coverage foundation. Sounds like the perfect excuse to start dabbling in BB Creams, if you ask me! If you'll remember, I reviewed Garnier's BB Cream a few months ago, but just couldn't bring myself to make it my main foundation squeeze with all of the breakouts and pastiness I had going on. And, last Summer, I reviewed Skin 79's BB Cream Sampler to find that if they were all a bit too ashy for me. But, now that BB Creams have made it big in the American market, I can finally start trying some more geared toward a wider range of skin tones. First stop: Boscia's BB Cream SPF 27 PA++!

No, the full size is not .35 oz, I got this deluxe sample from Sephora during their VIB Week.

A swatch of orange liner was in my test patch to test for coverage. 



This is definitely the first BB Cream I have tried that oxidized darker on me and, I have to say, I didn't mind (although very fair skin tones will want to watch out!). I also noticed that despite being much warmer than the Skin 79 Creams, Boscia's still had a hint of grey cast to it when it first came out of the tube. The ashiness went away once the product oxidized, but I wouldn't be so sure it will do this for everyone. I suggest you get a sample first, if you are looking to buy. The product didn't fully cover the liner swatch (or the freckle beside it), so I would say that the coverage is definitely light to medium. The texture was closer to that of a foundation, but it was much more hydrating - as Beauty Balms tend to be. I really noticed how hydrating it was at the end of the day when, instead of needing to moisturize hard core after taking my makeup off, my skin was smooth and supple all by itself. And, finally, the wear time was long. I set my cheek, forehead, and chin with a light dusting of Make Up Forever's HD Powder and didn't notice this cream budge at all (neither in the set areas nor the "bare" areas). If I had to guess, I would say I got a solid 10 hours of wear out of it.

Overall, this is great as far as BB Creams go! It didn't leave behind as much shine as the Garnier did on me and it brought a little more color to that party than the Skin 79 suite of Creams. The only problem I foresee with this particular brand is their limited shade selection. This is it, folks. One shade fits all. If you are even the slightest bit lighter than me, I would recommend avoiding this because, as I said before, it oxidizes darker. Other than that, though, it does everything a BB Cream should and will be great for those with flawless, bronzed skin this summer!

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