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Monday, April 23, 2012

Review & Swatchfest: Naked Cosmetics - Java Stack

Of the three pigment stacks I got from IMATS, I had to review this one first because it shocked my the most with its swatch transformation. At first glance, this stack looks very plain  - which isn't necessarily a bad thing if you are after some staple, neutral pigments. But, when swatched wet, these transform into some seriously eye brightening pigments. I can't wait anymore, let's get to the swatches.

Naked Cosmetics Pigment Stack in Java

Because these shades aren't labeled, I'm just numbering them 1-6 starting at the tip of the stack.

Pigment 1 - light camel with pearly white duo chrome

Pigment 2- peach with a gold duo-chrome

Pigment 3 - shimmery, sandy brown

Pigment 4 - light camel with pearly purple duo chrome

Pigment 5 - orangey brick with a purple duo chrome
Pigment 6 - purple leaning taupe
Swatched Dry
Swatched Wet (with water)
Right trio close
Left trio close
Unfortunately, these pictures don't do the duo chromes in these pigments justice. When worn dry, their staying power is mediocre at best (2-3 hours). If you put them over a primer, they last considerably longer at about 5-6 hours. But, when worn with Inglot's Duraline, they didn't even want to come off with eye makeup remover. I think that speaks more to Duraline than it does to the pigments. Still, they have the capability of lasting for ages!

If you watched my haul video, I talked about the different ways you can use these pigments. among them are eyeshadows, blushes, nail polishes, hair highlight (I know, what?!), and eyeliner (to start). This stack is going to be great to use for nude nail polishes for the summer, bare-eye-bold-lip looks, and even hair highlights/red lowlights. I've decided that I'm going to challenge myself in the month of May and make it a rule that I must use at least 1 naked cosmetic pigment in a look so that I can  force myself to discover all the uses they have. Needless to say, you will be seeing them in the near future! Look for reviews of the other two stacks, Rainforest and Ivory, coming soon!

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