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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Review & Swatchfest: Napoleon Perdis Lip Gloss in Mango

Napoleon Perdis is one of those brands that, as I walk down the cosmetics isles of Tagert, I always put on the list to try, but never do. Whether it's because I haven't looked into the brand enough to know what's good or that I'm always quickly drawn away by the nearby sale rack, I don't know. But, I've finally gotten the change to try my first NP product: a lip gloss in Mango!

*This also serves as a head up to you beauty bargain hunters out there who may have missed my post about Sircle Samples. I received this full-sized product for free and you can too! To find out more details, go to their site here (my personal invite link) or read more on it in my other post here.

Pros first. This lip gloss smells, and tasted, delicious! I don't know about mango, but I am definitely transported to a faraway beach when I put this on and smell it for the first time. Fantasy cabana boys - and smell - aside, the texture is great too. It goes on very smooth and ranks 3 on a scale of stickiness (1 being as non-sticky as a lipgloss can be, and 10 being "What did you say? I'm distracted by your lip goop.") And, while it's definitely not as moisturizing as a lip balm, my lips are noticeably less dry after it has worn off. The color is a lovely peach with the tiniest hint of shimmer. While the peachiness of the color is apparent in the swatch, it wasn't pigmented enough to show up on my lips. So as a great smelling, luxe feeling, sheer, clear gloss this functions well.

Now for the critique. While not necessarily a bad thing, the brush is considerably smaller than typical brushes or doe-foot applicators, so the girl who loves a one-two swipe kind of gloss might need to take a little more time. The only other critique is the price point (but there is a saving grace!). The full sized lip gloss retails for $20 with .085 fl. oz. of product. To compare, a MAC Lip Glass gives you about double that (.17 oz.) at $14.50. That's not to say that the glosses are comparable, it's just some perspective. The great news is that, after a good googling, I found many retailers that sell this gloss at a fraction of it's retail price. So, if you are thinking this is a must-try, you can do so without breaking the bank! Not only that, but Napoleon Perdis is occasionally on Hautelook (next event is tomorrow, 4/30), so there is always a chance of catching a steal there.

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