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Monday, April 16, 2012

What was/should have been in my makeup bag

Before leaving for IMATS this weekend, I posted a "What in my makeup bag" video showing everyone what I was taking in order to maximize the number of looks I could do while minimizing the number of products I was taking. While some products were exactly what I needed, I would have done well to include others.

Now that you've seen everything I took, here is what I failed to include:
-eye makeup remover
-q tips
-basic black liner

On the morning of IMATS, I was going to do a colorful look but, the closer I got to needing to get out the door, the more I realized the look wasn't going to come together and the more I regretted not bringing eye makeup remover and q tips. This meant that I had to completely wash my face with the only makeup remover I brought (those powder face washes) and start over. By the time my more basic, neutral look was on, I realized that I still had bright blue splotches of liner on my waterline. It was then that I wished I had brought a basic black pencil liner.

The moral of the story is this: even if you are planning on doing something a little more extravagant on a trip, bring some basics and, in the name of all things colorful, bring some correctives.

Hot tip: you don't have to sacrifice room to be prepared. Get a sample of a remover from Sephora and pop it in your carry on to be prepared wherever you go! I was kicking myself for not including a sample of Make Up Forever's Eye Makeup Remover I had laying on the counter (a lovely remover, btw!)