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Friday, May 18, 2012

Review & Swatchfest: Laura Geller Glow-n-Behold Collection

A few weeks ago, Laura Geller premiered her Glow-n-Behold 4 Piece Collection on QVC - your jump start to a glowing Summer complexion. While I was waist deep in finals, I knew I could count on my Mom (a Laura Geller fanatic) to be on top of things and order one. Sure enough, I came home from school to her pulling me into the bathroom saying, "You have GOT to try everything in this set!" and then proceeded to demonstrate each product. Her inner QVC host was proud. After seeing how wonderful each of the products are, I asked if I could reviews and swatch them all. So, here we are, let's get to it!

The set contains 4 pieces, a lipstick, blush, concealer, and body bronzer (already swatched, reviewed, eligible to win here!). Each of them complement each other very well, both in color and function, to create an all-over, natural Summer look. Let's do the concealer first.

There are 4 distinct colors that can be worn alone or, as demonstrated on QVC, swirled together (which explains the swirly mess above). The three narrow colors are true concealers in that they are matte, flesh toned creams. Their variation in tone makes them perfect for getting you through your transition from Spring to Summer to Fall and, when mixed with the larger highlighter give an subtly illuminated look wherever you apply it. At first I was skeptical as to whether or not wearing such a shimmery shade on your under eye area would emphasize fine lines, but it definitely doesn't! What's more is that the highlighter doubles as an all over face/eye highlighter as well!

Swatched wet on the left, and dry on the right.

I won't go too in depth with the Body Frosting because it got a (much needed) review all to itself here. I really recommend you go check it out because not only is this a face bronzer, but it's great for covering up streaky self tanner, even out skin tone on legs, and much, much more!


Bora Bora is a light Cherry Blosson Pink, with a slightly golden shimmery finish, that's pretty sheer when applied. It can be built, but don't expect serious pigmentation out of it. This is fin for those with fairer skin looking for subtle, healthy color. But, for this with slightly deeper skin tones, this might be a little sheer. Color aside, the texture is smooth, despite having a hint of shimmer, and blendable. Lovely as far as blushes go!

Caribbean Kiss Dual Sided Lipstick
Pink side

Brown side

From the left: both together, pink side, brown side
Pink Side
Brown side

Both sides together
The lipstick os one of my favorite pieces in this collection because of how versatile it is. Baribbean Kiss is a dual sided lipstick with a frosty, light pink (almost mauve) color that will complement cool skin tones, and a brown, berry shade that will complement warmer skin tones. While both will complement their respective skin tones, this doesn't mean that they won't flatter both, it just means they have the extremes covered.

Th Glow-n-Behold Collection is a wonderful one if you are looking for an easy, natural look that will last you all Summer long. Not only that, but if you are a fan of Laura Geller products anyway, this is a steal! The Body Frosting retails for $45 all on it's own and this set is $66. For $21 more, you get a concealer (well, multiple), highlighter, blush, and lipstick. Quite the bargain. You can purchase this set from QVC here. 

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