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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Review & Swatchfest: Maybelline Exotic Escape Color Sensational Lipsticks

Gratuitous Lipstick Picture (First Class Fuchsia) 
While I was at CVS looking to soothe my finals-week headache, I stumbled across Maybelline's latest Summer release: the Color Escape Collection. Just like that, my headache was gone. So was my money.

Of the many products that came out in this collection, the lipsticks really caught my eye with their fun colors and fun names (First Class Fuchsia? Yes, please). It looked like I wasn't the only one as the lipstick selection (scant to begin with) was pretty picked over, so I ended up with First Class Fuchsia and Caribbean Coral Luster. No complains here, though. See why below.

Maybe I'm just new to the Maybelline lipstick line, but these bear serious resemblance to Revlon's Lip Butters both in texture and payoff, however leave a longer lasting stain behind. They are just as creamy, but more firm than Lip Butters and they take a few more swipes to achieve the same color payoff. Both colors I tried were cream finishes -without any shimmer or frosting- and leave a slightly lip-balmy sheen right after application. Within 2 hours, however, this sheen disappears and leaves behind stained, but hydrated, lips. For me, the stain lasted about 4 hours after that and even weathered eating and drinking with only minor fading. If you love lip butters or heavily tinted lip balms, these are definitely for you.

Another thing I loved about these is the packaging. Although it's minor, and Maybelline isn't the only brand to do this, I love it when lipstick caps are transparent on the top. It makes it loads easier to find the color you want if you store your lipsticks vertically. While, more often than not, the lower label has a color indicator, I've had my fair share of lipsticks with labels that grossly misrepresent the color within, so these caps are great!

Now to see them in action:

First Class Fuchsia - A bright, strawberry pink with a cream finish
I typically associate a "fuchsia" with more purple undertones. Apparently there is no purple in First Class Fuchsia. 

One swipe on the left, many on the right 
First Class Fuchsia on the Lips
Caribbean Coral Luster - tangerine tinted with pink undertones. 

Many swipes on the left, one on the right

Caribbean Coral Luster

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