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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Review & Swatchfest: Revlon Colorburst Lip Gloss in Hot Pink, Rosepearl, Bronze Shimmer, and Papaya

Here is the second round of the Revlon Colorburst Lip Glosses! To see the first, go here. In case you are wondering what the massive Revlon swatchathon is about, let me give you the gloss over (pun shamelessly intended). To complete the 5th, and final challenge in the Allure Beauty Blogger awards, Revlon sent all of the finalists a box full of some serious swag. To celebrate getting all the way to the final round, I thought I would review and swatch it all! So let's begin. 

Just like I said in the last post, Revlon makes a good gloss. But, while some are good, others are stellar in  their pigmentation, opacity, and how they perform as a gloss. My two fav in this post are Hot Pink and Papaya. Just as it sounds, Hot Pink is a bubble gum pink on steroids and sparkles. While not completely opaque, it's not one of those glosses that, when applied, leaves you asking "Where did the color go?". 

Papaya is another one of their stellar cream-finish glosses in this line (check out Fire if you want more). It's a fun peachy orange for the Spring and Summer and glides on lips without losing color or sinking into lip lines, as many cream-finishes can. 

Rosepearl is a medium brown with pink undertones and light taupe shimmer. It has great pigmentation and yields even coverage, but I found that the shimmer left a slightly gritty feeling on my lips once the gloss wore off. I don't have a problem with texture, but there are some that do and might want to be aware of this. 

Bronze Shimmer is a bronze laden with gold shimmer. It's the sheerest of the four glosses in this post and, while it might not provide heavy coverage all on its own, it's great to put over lip liner or lipstick to add some texture and dimension. However, worn alone and it could be the easiest way to look like a bronzed Summer goddess without even trying. 

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