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Friday, May 25, 2012

Review & Swatchfest: Revlon Colorstay Creme Gel Eye Liners in Plum, Brown, Black, and Charcoal

 Next up on the Revlon extravaganza are the Revlon Colorstay Creme Gel Eye Liners in Plum, Black, Brown, and Charcoal. In case you are just tuning into the party, I'm doing this massive Revlon swatchfest to celebrate making it into the 5th challenge of the Allure Beauty Blogger Awards - a challenge where the finalists were given an overwhelming amount of awesome Revlon products to do with what we want and create a video about it. To see mine, go here!

Back to the liners. As the name suggests, these liners fall somewhere between a cream and a gel which basically translates into a creamy, easy to apply texture with the staying power of a gel. Speaking of staying power, the packaging claims 24 hour wear and I would have to say it's true considering I had to take it off after an 18 hour day of traveling, walking, sweating, etc. before it wore off. It's the best of both worlds, folks. Not only that, but they throw some flavor into the mix with a gorgeous plum purple in addition to the staple colors every girl has to have.

They also have very unique packaging, that I fondly call The Gnome (and before you judge me, take a look down and tell me the long black stem and squat glass pot doesn't at least vaguely resemble a gnome). However, all that space is needed to house a cute brush that packs some serious utility. It has soft, but stiff bristles shaped into a broad paddle shape with to narrow edges and a tapered tip. Perfect for creating both thick and thin lines. Don't plan on throwing this one away!

Like I said before, there are some staple colors in the bunch, but there is also an amazing purple. Plum is a  vibrant purple with silver shimmer. Black is an inky, matte black that's great for creating a classic wing. Brown is a nearly matte medium Brown with a hint of shimmer to give it some texture. And, lastly, Charcoal is a shimmery medium grey that might be good for someone who wants the clean line gel can give, but doesn't want to go as bold as black. If you are looking for an affordable gel liner, these are a great way to go.

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