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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Review: Cos Bar Cleansing Towelettes in Cucumber

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Beauty Blogger Coalition Weekly Roundup!

See what went on in the beauty world this week by checking out some exciting posts from some lovely ladies!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Review & Swatchfest: Mary Kay Timewise Matte-Wear Liquid Foundation

Let's face it, girls. We sweat. We don't glisten as many of us may claim and those aren't dew drops on your upper lip. We sweat. With temperatures soaring over 100 everyday, even those with the driest of skin types will find that their dewy or glowy finish foundations can turn into a hot melty mess by the end of the day. We need a little skin security - an epidermal bouncer keeping the shiny, sweaty riffraff off of the club that is your face, if you will. While Mary Kay's Timewise Matte-Wear Foundation won't stop you from sweating, it will keep the shine away all day.

I applied Mary Kay's Matte Wear Foundation first thing in the morning and after a day of running around Chicago in some serious heat, I came home to find that my face was shine-free and in one piece! There was no splotchiness to be found despite having patted my face at least three times throughout the day. Come to find out, according to Mary Kay's website, this foundation is explicitly formulated to perform this way as it contains "special microspheres" that absorb oil throughout the day. Not only that, but they claim that it's suitable for sensitive skin. While I don't have sensitive skin and can't validate these claims, it's something worth checking out if you do and are looking for a great matte foundation!

Something to be conscious of when applying this foundation is that it dries quickly. Plan on working with this product in small sections! Another thing to know is that, because it is a matte foundation, those with drier skin looking for a winter foundation might want to avoid this. While it's fine for the summertime sweats when walking to the office, it certainly doesn't add moisture to the skin.

Bottom Line: This is a good foundation for most skin types looking for a mattifying, medium-full coverage finish this summer. If you are looking for a winter foundation, those with dry skin should think twice before buying this one.

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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Review & Swatchfest: Mary Kay Lash Love Waterproof Mascara

If you've seen the tutorial I posted using this mascara, you will have heard my preliminary thoughts on Mary Kay's Lash Love Waterproof Mascara. Since then, not much has changed besides the fact that I've had run-free, flake-free lashes for the past few days. I should mention that for the during the past few days, I've logged plenty of hours in, on, and around a pool so this kind of performance really is something to note! At first, I didn't think there was much to be impressed about because, aside from a water-proof formula, Lash Love doesn't offer a unique wand or make extraordinary lash claims. Well, I should have been so quick to judge because this mascara packs a surprising punch and won't quit until the day is done.

Lash Love's formula is on the drier side, but doesn't have the overwhelming thick texture many dry mascaras often do. That coupled with a rubber wand with densely packed bristles allows the mascara to evenly coat lashes. The main effect I noticed was how the mascara seemed to make my lashes look thicker without looking clumpy. What's more is that the water-proof formula kept them looking that way until I wanted it to come off - and sometimes not even then. This is a hard formula to remove, but worth it if you are planning on weathering hot summer commutes or spend a day in and out of the pool.

You can purchase this mascara in either black or brown from your Mary Kay consultant or their website for $15.

FTC: Some products mentioned in this post were sent for consideration by the brand or a PR company, however all thought and opinions are my own.

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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Review & Swatchfest: Mary Kay Blush in Strawberry Cream

If you read my review of Mary Kay's Mineral Eye Color, you will know that I had a somewhat rocky relationship with their shadows in my childhood. Well, for every recital I pranced on stage with awful blue eyeshadow, I had loud pink spots on my cheeks to match. Needless to say, my relationship with Mary Kay's blush was equally as tumultuous. So, when given the opportunity to try their Mineral Cheek Color I took it as a means of therapy to get over my childhood trauma. I have to say, I'm so glad I did. Not only is this my new favorite blush to wear, but to look at too. It's. That. Pretty.

Speaking of looks, Strawberry Cream is a medium berry pink shade with gold shimmer that just won't stop. Think NARS Orgasm's berry counterpart. The texture is really smooth and not chalky in the least. The swatch below was done with one swipe - no layering. It's not powdery, so it's easy to get a subtle application, but it's also pigmented, and thus very buildable. On me, the wear time is average (lasting a full day of working, commuting, etc.), but I don't typically have a problem with my blush melting away after a few hours. If all of the other blushes in the line are like this, I might have to try them all because they are fab. But I have to say, if you try one, it should be Strawberry Cream.

You can snag this beauty either from your Mary Kay rep, or their website for $10 (.18 oz.). This is a good deal considering the quality and shade rival brands that double this price, without doubling the quantity.

FTC: Some products mentioned in this post were sent for consideration by the brand or a PR company, however all thought and opinions are my own.

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Review & Swatcfest: Merle Norman Lasting Cheek Color in Peach to the Choir

I've already done a review of Merle Norman's Summer Eyecolor Quad in Nautical and Nice that covers the beachy, nautical theme of the summer collection. But the other side of this collection are the natural nudes and peaches that dominate the lips and cheeks.

Peach to the Choir, a Lasting Cheek Color from the collection, is lovely medium true peach color with intermittent gold sparkle. If sparkle isn't your thing, don't worry. I felt the need to mention it because it's visible in the close ups but, when worn, it's hardly detectable. This blush is smooth, pigmented, blend able, and lasts all day on. While it's not completely orangey, it does lean on the warmer side so cool and fair chicks might want to get a little color before piling this on.

This is an excellent blush for wearing after a day of sunning (or a quick self-tan session) because the peach tone adds a little colorful warmth to an already glowing complexion. I suggest applying just under the apples of the cheeks and sweeping back, toward your temple, under the cheek bones for a nature looking color boost. The one downside to these cosmetics is that they can only be purchased at Merle Norman studios, so go to their website, plug in your location, and pray there is one near you!

FTC: Some products mentioned in this post were sent for consideration by the brand or a PR company, however all thought and opinions are my own.

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Friday, June 22, 2012

Review & Swatchfest: Mary Kay Mineral Eye Color in Copper Glow and Coal

Mary Kay eyeshadows have come quite a long way since I first remember wearing a horrendous wash of blue all over my lid as my mother hustled me on stage at a dance recital. I don't know if it was the trauma associated with the shadows or not, but since then I've never really given Mary Kay shadow another opportunity to become a mainstay in my makeup collection. Not until now, that is. 

I  was recently given the opportunity to try Copper Glow and Coal to recreate the look Hillary Scott of Lady Antebellum was wearing at the CMAs and was pleasantly surprised when I ran my finger through each of them to find that they are actually really smooth and pigmented! Copper Glow is a very warm, almost orange copper with matching shimmer and Coal is a basic matte black (very). Copper Glow was easier to work with than Coal - in the swatch below, it took a two swipes to get the pigmentation I did with Coal while Copper Glow was achieved in one. But, I've come to find that's to be expected when talking about matte shades across many brands. So, as far as mattes go, it's not bad. Once on, both shadows last  solid 10 hours when worn over a primer. 

At $6.50 for .05 oz., they are more expensive than other free standing eye shadows. But, if you find a shade you must have, it's not a bad value and they are magnetized so they will sit neatly in either a Mary Kay compact or a Z palette. You can purchase your from your Mary Kay rep, or their website!

You can try these and more if you enter my Mary Kay Get the Look Giveaway (ends June 27th)!

Copper Glow on the lid and Coal in the outer corner and crease.
To see the tutorial, subscribe to TheHazeleyehoney on Youtube!

FTC: Some products mentioned in this post were sent for consideration by the brand or a PR company, however all thought and opinions are my own.

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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Review & Swatchfest: Merle Norman Limited Edition Eyecolor Quad in Nautical and Nice

I hadn't heard of the brand Merle Norman until the recent release of their natural and nautically themed Summer collection. I'm glad I have though, as their eye shadow palettes are the perfect combination of shades, finishes, and even a cream liner for the summertime girl on the go.

The summer collection focuses on slight colors on the eyes and peach hues on the lips and cheeks. Although there are two palettes in the collection, the Eyecolor Quad palette I have is Nautical & Nice and has an overall cooler theme with two neutrals and one turquoise with gold shimmer. Barefoot is a semi-matte cream color that is pretty sheer, but good for a subtle highlight for those who aren't looking for stark white brow bones or inner corners. Truffle is a medium brown matte shade and a color that every palette should have because it make blending out crease colors a dream. Look Both Waves is a shimmery teal that works well as a subtle accent color. And one of the most interesting part of this palette is In the Navy, a pigmented navy cream liner that actually stays all day! Between medium matte brown and a cream liner that really works, this palette is two for two in my book and a solid investment if you are looking for an all-in-one palette.

In terms of quality, I've already mentioned that the liner is creamy and pigmented, but the shadows aren't half bad either. While all of them are smooth and didn't have a bit of fall out, the blue was slightly lacking in the pigment department. Even when put over a primer, it was hard to build up. This, however, isn't a bad thing if you are a girl who likes a hint of color but doesn't want to worry about going overboard on the application...especially when it comes to blue (Mimi's blue peepers, anyone?). They also had average staying powder when worn alone (5 hours without fading on my lids), but stayed all day when put over a primer.

Bottom line: if you are after a go-to quad for the summer that has you covered both in the neutral and color departments, this would be one to go for. Unfortunately, Merle Norman products are only sold in their studios, but you can find one close to you by going to their website and entering your zip code!

FTC: Some products mentioned in this post were sent for consideration by the brand or PR companies, however all thought and opinions are my own.

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Review & Swatchfest: Mary Kay Eye Primer

Whether you are keeping daytime natural or wild and crazy, Mary Kay's Eye Primer is the ultimate in sticky bases for your eyeshadows. When I squeezed the first dollop onto my finger, I was skeptical that a seemingly thin white product could do much in the way of primer, but I was so, very wrong. Although it sheers out to nothing when blended, and so doesn't provide any coverage a la MAC's Painter Paint Pot or NYX's Eyeshadow Base, it evens out the texture of your eye lid, keeping dry or oily patches at bay, and has a very tacky texture to help your shadow stand out and stay all day. The one thing about this texture is that it goes away fairly quickly (about a minute) so you will want to do one eye at a time if you are looking to really pack on shadow. But, that isn't to say that, once it loses its tackiness, it's any less effective at keeping your shadow in place. For $12, this is an awesome option for anyone looking to apply pigmented shadows and/or keep their shadows lasting all day (and well into the night!).

You can win this and a tone of other Mary Kay goodies in my giveaway (ends on June 27th)!

FTC: Some products mentioned in this post were sent for consideration by the brand or PR companies, however all thought and opinions are my own.

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Mary Kay Get the Look Giveaway ($96 value!)

I'm looking to have full reviews and swatches of everything up by the end of the giveaway. In the mean time, here are some luscious close ups...

See more pictures after the jump!

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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Bloom.com - Making Beauty Stalking Easier

While at The Makeup Show this weekend, I came across the Bloom.com booth and learned about a new beauty community. It's like Facebook, Pinterest, and Youtube all rolled into one and all to do with beauty! It's great for bloggers because it consolidates all of your content on one page along with your recommendations and wish list. Not a blogger? You can still follow your faves to see what they are loving, leaving, and lusting after. The part of the site I'm currently addicted to is the "Trends" tab because you not only get to see what hot right now in a variety of categories (helloooo, Nailspiration!), but share it directly to your social platform of choice.  Join now for a chance to win a trip to Vegas with 3 of your girlfriends!

*The links above are my unique invitation url. This is not a sponsored post.


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