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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Charleston Farmers Market & Local Beauty

This weekend I'm visiting family in Charleston, SC and today started with a trip to farmers market to sample some scents and take in the beauty of the Charleston Farmers Market. No, this isn't a foodie post - there are beauty products, I promise! 

One of the first, and most frequent stops, were the food stands. Between the fresh fruits and veggies and the Southern comfort food, you couldn't walk away with an empty stomach. 

And, of course, what's better than eating? Eating your way through a shopping excursion.

Hand blown glass bracelets from Cunningham Glass Art.

 Hand made hats by Carolina Millinery Company (she has an etsy!).

Add Libb Designs

We passed by the most wonderful smelling soap stand called Earth Maiden to find that they have a line of both body and face soaps (and lotions, aromatherapy oils, etc.), so I was intrigued. Earth Maiden makes 75 varieties of handcrafted soaps that have natural ingredients and even have a few vegan bars in the mix! I picked up two face bars as per the sellers' recommendations. I was looking at the Tea Tree Clay Facial Soap that she said would heavily dry out my skin, so she recommended alternating it with an Organic Tomato Complexion Soap for when my combination skin gets dry patches. Among the many cool things about Earth Maiden, one is that you can buy a soap sampler that has 4 soapy minis - in case you just can't decide! Not in Charleston? They ship at a flat rate of $5 domestically and you get a sample with every order. Learn more here. 

The next beauty stand we hit up was The Charleston Soap Chef who, surprisingly, has a ton more than soap to sell! As an exfoliator addict, the first thing I headed for were the sugar scrubs, and then the lotions directly after. With scents like Charleston Sweetgrass, Beach Music, and Sweet Tea, their line is truly unique and I had to indulge in a sugar scrub in the scent Love Milk Honey. I'll have reviews of all of the products I snagged here, but for now I can tell you that my hands feel silky smooth after I get done with a round of use.

One of the last stands we hit was Rewined and, as a wine lover, I has to stop. Come to find out, it's a candle business that repurposes beer and wine bottles from local restaurants to use as candle holders (and a unique line of candles to boot!). The candles in the wine bottles hold wine-themed scents like champagne and chardonnay. Don't be fooled, though. They don't smell a bit like wine, but rather have diverse components like fruit or leather - although not necessarily together! The candles in the beer bottles - or the "man candles"- are citronella candles that will keep away mosquitoes and no-see-ums (or overwhelming man stench depending on your needs).

 Well, that was my day that the Charleston Farmers Market! If you want more information on any of the vendors mentioned above, click on the links or feel free to leave a comment below!

What are you up to this weekend?

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