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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Review: Cos Bar Cleansing Towelettes in Cucumber

So this was promised months ago and a kind commenter reminded me that I hadn't done it yet! ...better late than never.

The collection that Cos Bar  released as part of The Shops at Target puts an interesting spin on what are typically mundane products. Despite being a high end retailer, the Cos Bar collection is reasonably priced, but not necessarily unique. Their Cleansing Towelettes are a perfect example of this. At $5 for 30 wipes, they rival the bargain that ELF drives, but don't necessarily provide (or promise, to be fair) anything extra.

From the outside, the packaging is adorable and comes in one of four colors with a leopard print pattern and a double seal to extend the life of your towels. I'm an absolute sucker for leopard, so it also serves as eye candy with utility on my makeup desk. Once you open the towelettes up, however, things are pretty normal. I'm not expecting a parade, but an original scent or hydration would be nice. Don't get me wrong! The scent, Cucumber, is great - very refreshing both when taking my makeup off and cleansing my face in the morning. But, it smells exactly like many other cucumber melons out there. And, despite having aloe in it, I didn't find it to be particularly soothing or moisturizing as many other towels can be.

Overall, the Cos Bar Cleansing Towelettes are effective (as you can see from the photos below), but not impressive. They can certainly remove makeup and are good on the go, but I don't notice my skin feeling particularly soothed or hydrated as some wipes around the same price can and the scent isn't anything wild and new. It is, however, a near exact scent dupe for Bath and Body Work's Cucumber Melon so the $5 price tag makes it a steal if you want that kind of fragrance at a bargain price.

One Swipe took off the pigment, but left the liner and Urban Decay Shadow Pencil.

Although I didn't count swipes, all of the swatches eventually came off without irritation.

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