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Friday, July 20, 2012

Get Your PRIMP On!

Today I want to let you know about an exciting iPhone app (Droid to come soon!) that blends the best of social networking and beauty: Pretty In My Pocket or PRIMP. By downloading the app and signing up (both free!), you have access instant access to reviews of beauty products written by those within the community. All you have to do is scan the bar code of, or search for, a given product and you will not only see a star rating, but reviews, pros and cons, and see who in your network has it in their bags. You can add people to your network by inviting them and, when you do, you can see when they review or add a product to their bag on your timeline. If all that didn't make it the best makeup and skincare wiki in your pocket, there are more perks to be had! For now, if you live in the Atlanta or Nashville area, you will receive emails telling you about PRIMP exclusive deals. They could be anything from receiving an extra product when making a purchase to receiving 20% off! While the deals are geographically narrow now, they are coming to your area very soon.

I, along with a crack team of bloggers, vloggers, and industry gurus, joined PRIMP as a Power Primper. You can see us, and check out our beauty favorites and tips, here. If you follow the PRIMP blog, you will see content from various Power Primpers featured every Friday. But, one of my favorite parts of this app is that everyone gets to contribute! Once downloaded, you become the expert and rate and review products in your bag. So, go ahead, get PRIMPing!